Just created your New Forum account? Already an OTG member and want to see all the member-only stuff?

Just created your Discourse account? Already an OTG member and want to see all the member-only stuff?

Post here and after a quick member status verification we’ll add you to the member group so you can enjoy all the good stuffz!

NOTE: if you created your account here with a different name than you used on the old forums then we’ll need to either change your name there or here. We need the names to match, thanks.


It’s a trap!!


Make me a member, please! :slight_smile:

Do me please!

Nevermind, I’ve done been did.

I just joined here on Discourse and I could stand to be done please and thank you.

EDIT I’m good to go now.

We done did you.



Been MIA for a while but still a member, I hope.

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Old timer here, looking for all the new shinnies :hugs:

Same name as old forums…

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I am an Old Timers member! Please add me.

I have access, but I’m not sure if I can see everything. Can you check for me and update if needed?



Jerrit here… looking to get access. :slight_smile:

Just created

do me do me do me please :slight_smile:

Hello! Checking in to this shiny new system!

Yup hit me with that sweet sweet member’s only status, please!!!

Just created account

Same Homestead as before. :slight_smile:

Member since 01-23-2007


I just found the Discourse 101 thread. reason for my edit.

Please add me to the member group. Guessing I might already be as it says “guild member” next to my name. Sorry, trying to get up to speed with the changes.

Thanks (oh yeah same tpsabre on the old site. member since 2008) - Tom