Just saw Lord MArshall - then i killed him

I was playing, went to SPK to clear a crimestat. Then I saw Lord Marshall, Not sure if its our lord marshall - this one had 3 x’s in front and back of his name. I landed and went inside to the computer room, there was someone standing guard at the terminal - so I shot him. Turned out to be this lord marshall. We chatted for a bit then i lost track of him.


Nice. OTG Love is a special thing.

It was okay to shoot him, just hope you didn’t do it in the back, he takes that kinda personal ya’ know…

I didn’t know it was him until after. It was a flank shot. They don’t put names over the heads of players because they don’t want you to know who they are. I would not have shot him if I knew it was him.

Why not?
:dagger: :grin: :skull_and_crossbones:

Lord Marshall is in SC? Cool. I haven’t spoken with him in ages.

You sure it wasn’t the Lord Marshal from Chronicles of Riddick?