Just Survive WILL Survive | Breaking News from Daybreak | Jace Hall

Just Survive Breaking News! Just Survive will survive. In this Live Mic segment we’ll discuss the latest news out of Daybreak.

Someone should make a movie about the saga of these games. Sheesh!

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It’s been quite the roller coaster ride for Daybreak since they were purchased by Columbus Nova. We saw EverquestNext get canceled, Landmark was Sunset after going live for 2 months and now Just Survive was set for Sunset. That would be three major titles getting shutdown. I’m glad that Adam Clegg is part of the team revamping JS because he was originally pulled from PlanetSide 2 to help make H1Z1.

Jace Hall has really done a lot to help H1Z1 thrive and I hope the new team or the guys from H1Z1 can put a better focus on JS the way it should have been done.

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