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Please post your kickstarter pledge ranks!

Explorer: Steeldragon, tomelectric, Frogsong

Settler: Splutty, GeorgeNoX, Rushka, Liv, blankmind, sorrow, Briar, Rosyposy

Pioneer: Mysticae, thistle, Meralissa, Grauz

Founder: Myth, PeZzy, vanster, Mandor, Taramil, Kilgerran, AkeGamer, Elirion, Mmow, Tala, Dorbic, Aen, lunawisp, Belowzero, ddress, Nomin, Foebic, Instg8r, Leynor

Warrior of Old: Mysticae

Braver of Worlds: Neph, darthaden, analog1024, EvilPeppard, Rance, Stu, Santiago, Daveon, keepsix, loboblanco13, Benbrada, Mider Bladesinger, Nymrix, Vannus, DRThree, JusttheJennas, Heart, Anglo, eeladin, Julep, Keegen, JoelleP, Purgatory, Xairi, Grobbler, Fooee, Nephthys, Stile, djoneser, Vaseler, Ravanu, Zennia, Taya, Bluebacker, JoonYoungK

Leader of Men: allenca93, Cirric, Purgatory (yes, really both LoM AND BoW!)


Hero of the People: Byph

Avatar of the Phoenix:

Pre-Order Packs:
Expeditionary (Pioneer level): Bambi, Mayhem, Caine, Knightemplar, Zauber
Intrepid (Braver of Worlds level): Ashlynmae, Bambi

Hmm thought i did this on other forum.

I am da Braver of Worlds!

I may have missed it, it was a whole lot of info! Fixed!

Thank Yew

Hmmm, not even sure what I have at this point. I’ve got an Expeditionary account that wasn’t from crowdfunding.

I pledged Pioneer.

I am a Braver of Worlds

Looks like that is a popular level!

I also am a Braver of Words.

I have purchased a pre-order Intrepid pack that gets me in beginning at Alpha 1, phase 1

Upgraded from Founder to Braver of Worlds

nothing - yet

I purchased the 50$ one whatever that name is. Still waiting patiently for the release of this game, will we be able to view any alpha 1 info since they lifted the NDA ? i see several of you have access : )

I picked up a Braver of Worlds package back when. I am looking forward to this one.

How many members do we currently have waiting on AoC? I only see 13 so far … just trying to get a list of people to add for friends to communicate with is all. :eyes:

You probably want to check out that first post at the top. It includes everyone that has posted their pledge. Most of this was a carryover from the old forums.

ok found my pledge title. please add briar as a settler. thanks!

I have the Braver of Worlds package.

Expeditionary at this point

Bought in at Braver of Worlds in the kickstarter. :grinning: