Kingdom of Vornair Announcements from their Discord Server

Kingdom of Vornair Announcements from their Discord Server


Fyradeen, Vorsir - 05/17/2018
Some new tribe emojis for Vornair server by our talented @Countess Nienie Verdanis and @Count Stonehammer, Zero :libra: :sunny:☽ who ranked well in the SBS Tribemoji competition.

King Adam Rhyne :fox_face: - 05/20/2018
Just a heads up, I will be out for the next 2 weeks starting today. I have a work trip this week, the Florida Vornair Meet-up next weekend, then family vacation next week. Feel free to reach out if you need anything, my answers will simply be delayed this week and likely not existent next week (will reply the week after). In the meantime, as usual, our @Duke/Duchess and @High Council are available for your needs and have the reigns while I am out. Love your faces. See ya in a couple of weeks. :grinning:

Duchess Cynn Ⓥ :owl: - 5/31/2018 at 5:37 PM
@everyone Please be reminded that you only have a few hours to be paying off your layaways as today is the final day and final day for the kickstarterversery.

King Adam Rhyne :fox_face: - 6/4/2018 at 12:14 PM
@everyone Effective immediately, I am bringing back weekly Q&A with the King nights on Thursday evenings at 8pm EST. Starting this Thursday where we will cover setting realistic expectations for CoE and any questions / feedback you folks may have in that swim-lane. The purpose of these events are two-fold, 1. To gain feedback directly from the members of the community on their thoughts and opinions on given subjects, and 2. To drive understanding on topics across our community through answering questions (no question is inappropriate or off limits) directly from our community.(edited)
These events will be held in the Mead Hall voice channel and questions will be taken either through voice, or through the #q-and-a-session-discussion channel while the Q&A is going.(edited)
If anyone is interested in recording these and posting them to our Kingdom Youtube channel for those who were unable to attend to review, I would love to hear from you and coordinate to ensure that happens. Additionally if anyone is interested in transcribing these Q&As to a written format for those in our community who are deaf and unable to participate in a voice discussion, I would also love to hear from you and coordinate to ensure that happens.

King Adam Rhyne :fox_face: - 6/4/2018 at 1:36 PM

We are currently working on creating a more inviting environment for all of the various personality types across our Kingdom. Until we have rolled out a few new channels allowing for more lax standards the current channels will be moderated on the below chat rules posted in #kingdom_information . This is not the end state for this discord but a stop gap while we are ensuring we have the appropriate environments for each of our members to feel comfortable interacting in. We are continuing to formulate our plans and will role out a finalized solution within the next couple of weeks. In the mean-time if you have concerns, or want your voice heard in relation to how our community conducts / presents itself or the environments we should support across our community discord please contact your Duke representitive, or if you have yet to settle in a particular Duchy, contact me directly with your feedback.
• The King and Queen, High Council, and Dukes and Duchesses of the Round, and their Chancellors have a responsibility to moderate our Discord, and their word is final (If you believe you have been mistreated, send a PM to a member of one of the aforementioned parties)
• Respect all users, both members and guests.
• Do not spam.
• Discussion on Recent (within 100 years) RL Politics and Religion is strictly prohibited.
• No racism, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, etc.
• Do not insult or ‘fight’ other people.
• By default channels are to be treated and moderated at a PG rating, unless otherwise posted in that channel.
• Must follow the Code of Conduct, Terms of Use, and Terms of Service for whatever game you are playing in this discord and in general. If you are found not following the CoC / ToU / ToS you will be subject to a ban in this discord and reported.
• There is a zero tolerance policy on the recording of private conversations without all party’s consent. Violators are not only subject to the many countries and state laws that strictly prohibit such behavior, but are also subject to ban in our community.
• Exploiting in a game without 1. Reporting the exploit to the server admin / game developer. AND one of the following a. The developer / admin does not respond after being given atleast 2 weeks (or longer depending on what is deemed reasonable) AND that exploit is being utilized by other groups against you so your only choice to remain competitive is to utilize it as well. b. The developer / admin specifically states it is an exploit but they will not fix it, thereby deeming it a valid mechanic of the game. Other than these situations you are in violation of the CoC for this community if we utilize that exploit, and in most games in violation of their CoC and Terms of Use (which is also against our CoC) and can be subject to immediate removal from our community.

King Adam Rhyne Ⓥ :fox_face::coffin: - 6/18/2018 at 10:52 AM
This week’s Thursday Q&A topic with me will be on “What community means to you”. Cya in the mead hall at 8pm EST sharpe Thursday evening!

@Kelryth: Thats tonight by the way…lol

Fyradeen, Vorsir - 6/18/2018 at 1:11 PM
Greetings @everyone !
It is soon time to celebrate the second anniversary of Vornair community’s creation! This year the main celebration activities will be held during two days, on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th of this month. For these two days new RP channels will be opened in the theme of the celebration carnival - The Great Tankard. See the schedule for the anniversary events (both RP and non-RP) below. All the events are open for both Vornair citizens and foreign guests.



    • Vorsir opens the carnival
    • The Great Tankard & The Great Beer Hall open: RP channels in the theme of the Kingdom’s anniversary open for the weekend. Scene will be set by the opening.
  • FIRST DUELING TOURNAMENT, 7PM EST → [RP]: A roleplaying event in the carnival - the First Dueling Tournament. This in-chat dice-throwing rp-game where characters will face each other in bracket-based 1v1 matches to discover the ultimate duelist was created for this anniversary! To participate in the tournament, a player must sign up in advance with their character to enter. The full tournament may take a couple hours depending on the amount of participants. To read the tournament rules, pick your character’s equipment and sign up, check the link below.

  • KARAOKE, 10-12PM EST: Karaoke night with Corolon, better start practising your favorite songs! Extra credit for fantasy/medieval/Vornair themed songs!

  • HANGOUT: A voice chat hangout for all the wanderers of the night. Begins sometime in the evening when people get around to it.
    SATURDAY 30th


  • SECOND DUELING TOURNAMENT, 3PM EST → [RP]: Read the description of the first dueling tournament above. To read the tournament rules, pick your character’s equipment and sign up, check the link below.

  • ARCHERY TOURNAMENT, 8PM EST → [RP]: A roleplaying Archery Tournament in the carnival. Contestants take turns trying to hit the target as accurately as possible by throwing dice to discover the ultimate archer! This event may be familiar to those who participated in the Helgrim tournament last August. To participate in the tournament, a player must sign up in advance with their character to enter. To read the tournament rules and sign up, check the link below.

  • KING’S SPEECH, 11PM EST [RP?]: The man also known as the “Bearded One” shares his thoughts!

  • MIDNIGHT TOAST [RP/non-rp/voice]: Gather with friends to raise one for the years to come! Carnival’s great bonfire gets lit!

  • AFTER PARTY, 12AM EST → : Keep the party going in the voice chat!

    Rules for Archery and Dueling.pdf - Google Drive

King Adam Rhyne Ⓥ :fox_face::coffin: - Today at 1:12 AM

Hey folks, I am sure many of you have already noticed there has been a slight change in the channels available to you here in the Kingdom discord. Please take an opportunity to head over to our site and read up on the changes to our moderation and chat rules that got voted in this week here: .

I will let you get the full context of the rules there, and encourage you to give them a full read / take the opportunity to fully understand the new rules prior to kicking off in our newly available environments. One thing that I do want to point out is that I am now looking for folks to fill a new role in the Kingdom discord, that of Moderator. If you feel you have the well balanced mindset and understanding of our community to be able to enforce the rule set in the link above, I want to hear from you. Please send me a PM and we will go through the vetting process to ensure that we are getting folks who are well meaning and up to the task of ensuring that this discord remains a place where everyone across our community can come to interact and feel comfortable interacting with their fellow Vorn.

Aside from that, if anyone has any questions on the new environments or rule sets, please get with your direct duchy leadership and get those questions answered. Our leadership team is aligned on this new system and ready to answer your questions / hear your feedback. Please also keep in mind that everything about this community and the way it is ran is always open to and ready to adapt to the needs of our community members. We only get better, and can only find and execute ways to better support you if we know what issues / opportunities for improvement exist. Feedback is always appreciated. Thank you.

Please note- as per the document, the categories are labeled with a color, that color coordinates with the permission set.

King Adam Rhyne Ⓥ 7/31/2018 at 11:11 AM
@everyone I have to ensure you are all aware that today Anders, Ari, and Barbazu have been removed from their roles on the High Council. This is not due to their inability to do the job itself as they are extremely knowledgeable in their fields of Subject Matter Expertise. The reasoning has to do with my own perception of their alignment to the goals and ideals and culture of this community. This is in no way their fault as a large part of the fault is my own due to ineffective communication in achieving an alignment.

Additionally, and on a completely unrelated note, Barbazu has been removed from this community for a history of targeting and attacking individuals and groups in this community which is in direct conflict of who we are as a community. If you have any questions comments or concerns in relation to this subject please feel free to contact me directly.

Lastly, the topic of this week’s Q&A on Thursday will be “Communication”.

Chancellor Ausek Ⓥ☀☽♎Yesterday at 7:14 PM
Hello again @everyone ! The DotR had another meeting this past Sunday, August 12th, and attached to this announcement are the minutes from that meeting. We’d like to encourage everyone to read over them and if you have questions please contact your duchy leadership (Duke/Duchess and chancellors). This Sunday, August 19th, at 9pm EST we will be holding another DotR meeting that is open for the community. If you haven’t spoken with your Duke/Duchess or chancellors about questions by then, please bring them and join us. See you then!

King Adam Rhyne ⓋToday at 2:06 AM
Good evening Vorn!

Couple of quick announcements (without a ping, you are welcome) today the DotR has officially voted in and approved the Kingdom Military Policy. It has been posted here for all of you to review at your leisure:

Secondly there will be no Q&A tomorrow, it has been cancelled so that you fine folk can continue to focus your efforts on getting this plague event moving along. I would ask that you all take as much time as you can tomorrow and make a concerted effort to start pinging your friends and sub-community members who have packages already bought and paid for to bring them to help out with this event. The event may not seem like much fun as a game in and of itself, but the coordination and ability to work as a community to do something together that can and will impact the game is a huge amount of fun. If you are wondering what is at risk if you dont participate or help find more people to participate I would encourage you to read up on what a plague biome is: as well as understand that there are 6 in game rewards on the cure bar including unlocking a world technology at 100% that helps us deal with future plagues. Not to mention if the cure wins, only those who participated will get a title that grants their character a resistance to the searing plague in game and passes on that resistance through their bloodline. That is a huge deal folks, so please get involved and lets get some more of these inactive packaged people re-engaged with this community and into this event!

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Duchess Cynn the Sage Ⓥ :owl:Last Thursday at 8:37 PM
Posting this here for all you writers out there. This is from someone in another kingdom but the prizes are for anyone to use wherever. This is what he is offering winners: 1x Bloodline Package, 1x Headstone gift, or 1x Ursaphant Mount. Contest ends on the 31st. Forums - Chronicles of Elyria

Duke Vorien Fenix Ⓥ :skull::owl:Last Friday at 9:55 AM

Fellow Duchy members, by joining the Duchy of Fenixvalle, you agree that any information given in the non-public channels of this Discord or the Kingdom Discord are to REMAIN private and not to be shared in any other Discord, forum, webpage etc. etc. without consent from the Duchy leadership of Duke Vorien and Duchess Cynn. Thank you

I have to ask our Vornair and Bordweall members not to post sensitive or strategic information here in the forums (or anywhere else for that matter) Both Kingdoms are not on friendly terms and the otg Game Development forums are public. Meaning even people without an account can read them.

Please keep all discord information on the discords. In the meantime please PM me your Kingdom affiliation for the Member sheet.

Have a glorious day. Comtreya!

FYI not all of the forums are public. If the forum is labeled “private” (and have little locks on them I think) it is for OTG members only. The Game Development section is mostly public, and has been since a long while ago on VB5. We do have a private section “GD Members Only”, but it is a general category and not game specific. Should you wish to put more sensitive information there, it’s ok. Be sure to tag appropriately and make sure your game name is clear in your header or text, so folks will find it in a search. :sunglasses:

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