Last update broke themes?

Why did my theme change? I do not want a dark theme and it will not change back to light. Whoever made this change please undo it ASAP. This is really basic stuff here.

This is seriously NOT OK. I can’t read with this low contrast theme

There was a patch that may have had some unforeseen consequences. Someone is already investigating.

@djoneser Sam’s Simple still works fine (light theme)

Unfortunately whenever we update, the custom made themes get broke until ThisnThat is able to fix them. He was forced to do an update to attempt a fix for an issue earlier today. You can go into your preferences and go to interface to change your theme at anytime. Since i thought you might have a hard time reading the site, i did this for you this time.

OK, thanks, I did get my theme changed to light, and can read this again now :slight_smile:

I am working on resolving the issue. I will let everyone know what I get it resolved.

I believe I have resolved the issue, however I can only account for testing on my account. If anyone else sees a problem, please let us know.


Vincent (AS Dark) looks funny now … font is stretched and other things are odd.

Can you get me a screenshot so I can see what you are seeing. It looks fine to me, but I do not use Vincent so I couldn’t tell if it looks different than it use to or not.


Used to look like:

Try changing your theme to AS Dark rather than Vencent(AS Dark). It is possible that your selected theme changed to Vencent (AS Dark) as that is the default theme.

Oooh, I like the white text on “used to look like” !

I’m still h having problems with this new forum. It’s either too dark or too white (bright) for my old eyeballs. Since there is nothing in between, is it OK if I don’t participate in these forums or just read on occasion?

I do play GW2, but unfortunately, since all the old stuff is like in archive, I can’t use the information, so I’m purdy much on my own as to playing.

yah, that’s what I ended up doing, not sure what was originally different about vencent. Ah well! Thanks for looking into it.

We have themes? Where do I find them?

Click on the three horizontal lines icon next to your avatar on the top right, then look towards the bottom.