Late night PST folks? (After 7 or 8PM PST)

Work now has me on average getting home between 6:30-7PM PST.

  • That’s basically 2 hours after most of the guild’s events start, on both factions. And it’s also knocked my out of being able to keep raiding with the raid group I was in during Argus (a small guild on Anvilmar).

Wondering if there are a few other PST timezone folks around, and if so - if we could string together a static group of some kind.

Could be a dungeons group, raid group, whatever…

Really doesn’t matter which faction. I’ve leveled one DPS horde side and geared into heroic Dungeons, but I’m as like as not to make the next thing I do be to level one Alliance side (I want to see all the quests / story while it’s still “fresh”).

Some may remember here that in the past I’ve always been a tank, but for BfA I intend to not level the tanks until much later on, if at all.

I think you mean “Late Night”? I was kind of confused about this post. :smiley:

Oops. Good catch. Edited to fix that.

Any takers? Am I the only working west coast player in here?

Hello Kichwas,
I am one hour ahead of you (Albuquerque, NM) but a late night player as well.
I choose to level my Alliance toon first - Angii (118 rogue).
I do have a 110 horde rogue I will level as well as I also wish to see both sides of the story.