"Latest" behavior change?

I usually leave the guild site always open in a tab in my browser, which is also always open. I’ve been keeping the site on the Latest page and clicking the notice that says how many new posts have come in since i last refreshed the tab. Up until today, the number of highlighted new posts that showed after i clicked the notification matched the number specified in the notification. Today, however, i’m finding that the notification always shows a larger number than the number of posts it shows me after i click the notification.

My one thought about an explanation is if the notification might be including posts in private forums that aren’t shown when i click the notification because i’m not a member of those chapters. Did you guys change this behavior recently or is something else going on?

“Latest” seems to act a little weird when new forums are involved. It shouldn’t happen so much once everyone is here.

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Okay, thanks.

Hi Ribbit, all OTGers now have access to the Private forums for each chapter. Only guests cannot see the private posts. Not sure that helps you either with the New Post update.