Launch Time?

Anyone find one? I have had no luck and need to plan my /cough “Sick” day(s)

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Don’t take time off for launch :slight_smile: Especially on a Bethesda title. lol

My plan is to be sick Thursday :slight_smile:

the count down timer on my ps4 says 2d 11 hours 08 min 16 seconds

it’s more of a planned mental break from teaching than playing the game…

Oh well, that’s completely understandable then!

Mr. Garrison: Very well, I suppose you’ll be wanting my badge and gun.
School Board member: Mr. Garrison, MOST teachers DO NOT carry a gun!
Mr. Garrison: Oh, so I can keep it then?

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update: Launch times for Australia and New Zealand (animated)

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The Fallout Twitter account gave the launch time as 9PM PDT/midnight EDT (and the equivalent throughout the world), however they already put the New Zealand servers up according to their Twitter, and there are a lot of folks on the Nukes & Dragons Discord saying that they’re able to log in.
I can’t confirm because I’m waiting for my physical copy from Amazon and I don’t want to miss out on the pre-order in-game bonuses

The servers were up this morning, I got on around 6:14 am EST and the server looked full, I had to log out for work at 7:45 and I was the only one left on my server…weird. But it looked like it was still the beta build.

I played a bit around noon on my lunch break and there were very few people on my server.

It is the beta build still as they have not updated it yet with the day one patch. The day one patch is around 54gigs in size, which means I’ll stuck downloading it for about 16-18 hours with my crappy internet. Better get me some major playing in tonight hehe.