Legends of Aria Beta Key Giveaway-MMORPG

For anyone that might be interested, MMORPG is giving out Legends of Aria closed beta keys.

I played around with it some today. The game looks great. Not much in the way of hand holding. I have actually not found any quest givers yet lol. Been wandering around for a couple hours. A few things to note and this just may be me. Some times it can be hard to interact with NPC’s and doors. Plus it is top down like Diablo. I actually did a founders pack way back in February and forgot I did and then I started the process of moving to Missouri so lost track of the game until this article came out.

Wow, spiritual successor to UO.
Brings back some very old (great) memories, circa 1997.
Even has the old funky backpack.

Random “New player” vid:

Those keys really went fast!

Ok so who plans on playing this ?
I am picking up a founders pack and plan on it.
Do we have anyone who is considering running a server for OTG or we just going to stay on official servers ?
The game gets released on Steam Dec 4th open beta, that’s less then 4 weeks from me posting this.

A number of us are going into this game, myself, Kaeli, a few others. Some are playing now on one of the player modded servers–headstart is scheduled for 27 Nov, game start 4 Dec. This is UO with updated systems. There is open world PvP, a Karma system, and safe zones you don’t have to leave. A pure sandbox game with no hand holding. I see no organized participation from OTG, so we will create our own community.

So, did you guys end up on a player run server? Or are you on the official servers?

I’m on an official server but I can make characters on an unofficial. which server? I hate that the founders items can’t be redeemed on an unofficial server.