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Server Updated with Tweaks to Combat, Housing, Trading & World Map Access
Posted by Suzie Ford on May 25, 2018

Legends of Aria alpha client has been updated with a patch that brings a number of tweaks to combat into the game, including the amount of heal during a battle and an increased STR damage modifier. One particularly interesting note is the removal of the “M” button to open a world map. “We feel strongly that “GPS” doesn’t make sense in our world, and having a map you open with a hotkey creates the wrong expectation”, the notes read.

Other tweaks the the game map system include:

We have plans for more navigation tools that do make sense in a sandbox world. See the next note for our first pass:

Players can now purchase physical maps of the 5 world areas of Celador in the respective towns / outposts.

Players can rename and place waypoints on physical maps

Players can no longer mark locations on notes.

Read the full patch notes on the Legends of Aria site.