Legends of Aria

Anyone tracking this. Appears to be going live for early access ( for founders) 27 Nov. Steam early access 4 Dec. Also appears to be a direct decendent of Ultima On line. I have checked their site, and I admit to some interest as it is a sandbox world etc.

Open world PvP would make it an unpopular game around here. They have a karma system, but it may still turn into a gank-box. If someone opens a PvE server it might be interesting, but then you are at the mercy of the server admins.

Actually (after further research and study) the game is a virtual clone of UO circa 97-2000–with a couple of exceptions. The admin / organization server ( and the game allows mods and player run servers) map shows large portions of “safe” zones, so open world pvp is not universal. Further , the price of the initial game is all they are asking for now, so no sub, just pay and play. Given the serious lack of any new MMO challenges in the immediate future, that may be reasonable --but to each his own.

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I got the Lord Package…lol