Like Totally Confusing to me but do LIKE the Look

The new look and feel and initial use of this forum is rather overwhelming to me, but maybe only because I am a post-struck senior. That said, I AM typing this, aren’t I? And I DO like the new look–it looks refreshing.

Probably the overwhelming discomfort would occur no matter what we changed to-- and I understand that we ARE needing to change from what we had.

Regardless of the discomfort of change, it is a GREAT LOOK!



I also find it somewhat confusing, but quite like it overall. :slight_smile:

Hi Ginger, I rather agree with you but I’m finding it to be easier in many ways than the old site. However, I do find a lot missing yet…so here’s a thumbs up with hope for more being included going forward.

Oh, so much hasn’t been moved over yet! It’s in stages!

It’s definitely a mental adjustment. I see Cef created a guide to help us find our way. You might want to check it out, @Ginger2, if you haven’t seen it. If the pix are too small to see in the post, you can click on them to enlarge.

I’m on the same page. I like but still learning. :slightly_smiling_face: