Lineage II Classic Servers

Now this is tempting. Anyone else interested?

I haven’t read much about this yet, but it might be worth looking into a GoTM thing @Drisdane?

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I just heard about this as well. I see “hardcore levelling” :smiley: I can hardly get all my tasks done in WoW.

I might start it just because I never truly experienced Lineage II.

L2 is one of those games that has many of my very best memories of MMOs. Try it try it. :slight_smile:

A helpful FAQ if you’re considering it:

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Q: How many Lineage II Classic servers are there?
You’ll be able to select from two Lineage II Classic servers: Talking Island and Giran.

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Just updated my game, choose a server and ill do my best to hop in the first day. Finally a chance to play without raid curse and the awakening nonsense.

Classic servers not on-line yet to select @Maxhell:

“Q: How many Lineage II Classic servers are there?
You’ll be able to select from two Lineage II Classic servers: Talking Island and Giran.”

No confirmed start time tomorrow by NcSoft :frowning:

I played L2 back in the day…like 14 years ago or something like that…I am downloading it now… gonna log on and see what is what. I am curious how it all turns out. This was a hardcore game, Open World PVP, Experience Loss on Death (4 Percent I think), should be fun to mess around in…We shall see.

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Sorry for the late reply, when i said choose i was just talking about picking one of the server names to set it as default before the server opens.

Still offline at the time of this message.

The PDF for the classic server got released.

Edit 2 :

All [#LineageII] servers are coming down now for maintenance. Estimated downtime is 5 hours and 30 minutes. For more details:

— Lineage II Operations (@LineageIIOps) October 3, 2018
4:02 AM PDT- 3 Oct 2018

Edit: Delayed to 12:30 PDT.

Website down atm. Is there a server list yet? Would like to know where any OTG will be. About 30 min till start maybe. Also, is anyone gonna jump on our Discord channel to chat? Looking forward to the L2 revisit.

There will be 2 servers. Talking Island, and Giran.

Anyone know when these will launch? Sometime today but when?

Unknown time at the moment…but I have heard that there are a lot of Non-NA players are going to Giran and the NA players will go to Talking Island. So I guess Talking Island is the place to go?

I was going to suggest talking head just cause. So that works for me. hubby and I will be making dark elves, but i will also have another character to play on my own when he’s not around and i haven’t decided what that will be yet.

And they are up!! I made a dark elf wizard named Aeide. Will post the name of my second character later, but right now hubby and I are playing so feel free to whisper me to say hello. :slight_smile:

Sounds like Talking Island? Rolling…

My second character is a dwarf crafter named Vea. :slight_smile:

Maxhell Orc Mystic
Going for Overlord :smiley: