Looking for Admin to reopen account


you probably remember me. I was a chapter officer in a few games including STO, became chapter leader in STO and was an officer in a few other games.

Because of work, I had to give gaming a break.

I would appreciate it, if you could reinstate my account, with the correct time of my membership, even though I had to take a break.

If there is a question, I suggest Cefwynn. He should remember me.

Thank you very much.


Hey there. I’m not sure if you are asking for your STO character(s) to be invited to the Fleet(s), or about your OTG membership in general. I can help you with the former, but for the latter you need to apply to Membership, with info in this forum: https://forums.oldtimersguild.com/c/join-otg

For a character invite I need a charactername@account please.

Or maybe I misunderstood?