Looking for some ship advice

So with the anniversary sale here again. And not being able to log in and test fly anything due to internet issues with my gaming rig. I wanted to ask those that are flying ships their opinion.

Right now I have both a Terrapin and the Hornet Tracker in my fleet roster. I’m just not sure I need both of them now. I have a Super Hornet so I have a fighter. And with the Terrapin I have scanning covered. So I am currently inclined to think that the Tracker is really rather redundant and since it is a stand alone ship purchase I won’t lose a game package if I melt it.

My fleet is pretty much built around roles, but with the number of crew needed deciding the size of the ship I go for. So for the most part I went with the smaller ships. that need 1 or possible 2 crew on them. The only ones I have that need more than 4 as of the last time I checked are the Starfarer Gemini and the Banu Merchantman.

So feel free to give me your opinions about this. I’m not really targeting anything in particular to put the money towards at the moment. I thought about the Hurricane but got put off by the required 2 minimum crew on it versus the Super hornet required 1 crew.


Cutlass Black.

Easily managed by a single pilot, room for a crew of 3, cargo space, 6 jump seats for drop ship action, side doors for ground assault, highly maneuverable for its size, excellent firepower, beds for 2, equipment lockers for 4, ample area for non-declared cargo, can carry 2 bikes (dragonfly preferred of course) and most of all it is a sexy, sexy ship.

This has been my go to ship since they reworked it, and surpassed the Ghost as my all around favorite to fly.

A very attractive second option would be to melt both the Terrapin and the Tracker and get a Mercury Star Runner. Then you have the scanning and also data running and cargo hauling plus the super secret sections for smuggling. This is probably my most anticipated ship right now.

Happy to answer any other specific questions you have, if I can.