Looking for verification

Cant really see where i am supposed to verify. But I am Barbie on the other forums

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OK - you are all set! Welcome to the 21st century! :grin:

I’m all in favor of verification. Include me in. Trustee

I’m lbishop on other forums, wasn’t sure where to get verified

This will work. Unless I do it wrong, in which case Juulz will let me know. :smiley:


You’re beyond verified, Trustee, you’re bona fide. :smiley:

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You betcha!! :wink: Silly bear… :bear:

OK, this seems like the place to get verified. Please welcome Toruk back on this new site! Thanks!

Thank you!

Thanks - Just wanted to be sure - I’m getting to appreciate these new forums - they are easy to work with. Give my regards to the gang.

so I guess I need Verified… not sure… still reading… This is obviously Priest

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Aaand Done. :slight_smile:

Thanks Mag’s

Just in case its not a automatic thing, Needing to be verified, Txgreeneyes81 from old forums/guild

Name is Cromstar, been inactive member of OTG, use to play FFXIV long time ago, looking for verification to play some of the new games

Rakulp here…verification requested…where are the dang cookies, I know some are stashed around here somewhere? :smiley:

Hello everyone, this is Lord_Suiciniv on the old forum, i guess this is the place to get verified :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m a little lost in this new site so please overlook any dbl posts. I’m a member since 2007. :smiley:

Hello folks, Scratch moving over from the old forums.