Looking to join the SC org

Looking to join this part of OTG. Currently with the FF14 chapter.

Been following the game development for a while and did my first pledge almost a year ago. I havn’t played a ton since i dislike playing solo but do usually jump on to check out new patches and updates.

No actual chapter since the game is still unreleased, but there should be an in-game guild you can join

Thanks for the reply. I did apply on the website for the in-game guild but it also stated to make a post here.

yep, I check the site about once a week for new recruits. I will go approve you tonight
Welcome to the verse, Citizen

If you need/want any help, I am more than willing to. Just message me or post here and wait for me to receive it LOL! Welcome to the group!

Thanks everyone. Glad to be here. Mostly looking for people to casually do things with for now be it trade runs, or some missions smashing.

There’s a lot of things in this for you to learn. Most cargo ships are for multiple people to fly it and man its guns. This are usually live people all playing at once in the ship. So unless you want to solo and man the guns with NPC characters, you will need to group with guild members, or non guildy if you prefer ( hopefully not). Although, there are a few cargo ships that are solo or other non-cargo ships that just have a couple of cargos holds. So also you will want to group up either randomly, or with a set group of guildies that regularly meet at the appointed time (preferably so we can learn to work together better.). Which I would like to do. Choices choices choices! Getting on right now to check out the latest version in the PTU. Whatever we do we want to do it in a fun manner!

I would like to start running simple things with others to get some basic team play down. Dog fighting is not my strongest suit and any training/practice would be good. I have not gotten into the PTU yet so I can’t check out the new stuff / get my plastic bag helmet.

I have retired so, I have all day. Name the time and we’ll get hooked up on discord and I’ll be happy to get you up to speed. Just say when in EST. Are you hooked into our discord channel?

I’ll be putting in an application for the Org later today most likely, no rush to approve. Will be in voice chat sooner or later, hope to meet you folks in-game!

I have gotten hooked up with discord. I am currently on disability so I have time to meet up anytime. I think just popping into discord when anyone is available might be the easiest way to get those who are around, connected. Let me know your thoughts on it. Thinking that if there are enough people around consistantly, then perhaps setup a time / schedule for general practice runs / fun hangout

Due to the state of the game over the past few months the number of OTG players has dwindled.
But with the improvements in 3.3.5 that we are seeing, and the coming flight model updated in 3.5 I expect to see many returning to the verse.

I still test approx. 20 hours a week but I rarely download or join the Live servers. I stay over on the PTU servers when they are available. That is where the testing is happening :wink:

When 3.3.5 hits Live (I expect it will coincide with the Anniversary Sale on Black Friday) then I will be over there until they open ETF access to PTU v3.4 which should be around second week of Dec.

OK, then how about 9 AM EST until … on Friday 11/15, I am online right now and am free today if you read this in time to play today. I’ll be on Discord today if we can connect.

Oh, and I am TheDM on Discord, RateBeer.com, my email and in the gaming room!

9 AM :):star_struck:

well i was set up in discord but seems that they might have been reset to none

Online now

I’m usually in PTU if it’s up and I have access and in the Discord in the SC channel, I typically join the SC voice channel when I am in game so if you see me in there, say hi.

I’ve send in my application on the SC website as well.

It was fun and kind of silly grouping with you yesterday Nick (the Mick). Too bad it crashed and errored out so often. Maybe 3…5 will be better. I will try and monitor the discord voice channel for SC. I look forward to meeting all of the new people. Msg me if available. Again, I am TheDM on Discord. Looking forward to getting my static group setup and making more friends from the guild.