Looking to rejoin the EQ2 Crew

I’ve been away for ages playing WoW on and off. I have dusted off my EQ and EQ2 accounts with Daybreak, etc. and would like to return to the EQ2 chapter to play regularly. My characters are on Fallen Gate. I have a bunch with lots of them into crafting. I noticed during various changes/server consolidations that some of my characters now have the dreaded X appended to their names. Fortunately, I don’t think my main fell prey to this terrible fate. He is a DE Inquisitor named Lyolas last I knew.

I’m sorry. I am so dumb. I should have have logged in right before posting this to check I got the name right and to consider should he really be my main now given some other contenders but he was at least. In my defense, I did want to check in here first and ensure the chapter was alive and well and go from there. I am very happy you all are still in here and in Norrath. That’s wonderful news.

Anyway, if one of the powers that be could guide me in what I need to do to rejoin the ranks I would be most grateful. Meantime, I will go login now and verify who is who and return to check for a reply and update who the main shall be.

Thank you! I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing some old friends and making some new ones.

Okay, Lyolas is going to remain my main and his name is the same. That said, I was overwhelmed by the many changes, bags loaded with stuff I could not recall the uses of, etc. Such is the way of returning after a long break I know. It’ll come back to me I’m sure as I look up this and that and start playing.

I think I may roll a new alt and level them up for some time initially to get my bearings again in the game. That’ll be a fun way to acclimate myself again without the information overload that stepping back into a higher level character would cause me.

There must be plenty of class changes over as many years as I have been away. I don’t recall the beastlord class being an option although I do think I recall hearing it announced. I think I may start one of them.

I’m happy to see mercs are available in EQ2. They were a great addition to EQ to help with leveling up. I was never a fan of multi-boxing other than to buff characters and then log the 2nd account.

By the way, if they rename a character with an appended x or whatever, do they allow you to rename that character without cost or are you stuck with the name?

Edit: I put in a support ticket about this since I could not find any info anywhere about it. Hopefully they will let me fix the names. If it not, oh well. Worse things could happen. I’m glad Lyolas is still Lyolas at least.

If you got an X on your name, you usually get a rename token. Since you are rejoining and there is a bit of confusion with the new boards, let me or any other officer know when you log on and we can reinvite you.
Yes, mercs are available and there is quite a choice. Will you be a gold member or FTP? They are many members doing the leveling so you can have company if you wish.

If x or z was added to your character’s name, you get a one-time use of the command /rename. If the game will not accept the new name, either it’s taken or not permitted for some reason, and in that case you can try again.

The guild is on Halls of Fate server, but some of us also have toons on Fallen Gate. :wink:

Thank you both. It sure didn’t take long for me to be fully hooked! It’s a long story but too little sleep and a marathon EQ2 session resulted in me going down for the count late morning and rising from the dead at midnight EST. Wow! The joys of retirement and living alone I guess.

So, it’s coffee time! I hope we have some night owls but if not, I’ll keep the home fires burning whilst normal people sleep.

Anyway, I got a prompt response via email advising me of what you both just let me know too. That’s great. So I will fix up those character’s names. I am glad I can do that.

I must have gotten it wrong above because I am on the guild’s server, Halls of Fate. It’s nice to know there’s some folks on another one too if I should want to roll a toon there without buying another character slot.

It turns out I must have been away about 5 years looking at various veteran rewards and claims. I have a ton of stuff there to decide who gets what. The best find though and the only thing I claimed so far was a bundle with a 2 hour 100% tradeskill potion and a free character slot! So I redeemed that. I had purchased some in the past to create one of each crafting profession.

Unfortunately, no level 95 or 100 level up token to be found but I’ll deal with things like that later as finances permit. I enjoy leveling up anyway so I would likely be judicious in my use of such tokens. So I say now at least. The crafting ones tempt me more than the character adventure level ones do even though I enjoy crafting also.

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In other news, although I was online all morning I was nowhere to be seen as I was having fun with a newly rolled Berserker on the Isle of Refuge. I was tempted to do Gorowyn or Neriak as I like them both a lot but I have no character in Freeport and that’s just not right. :smiley:

It was great fun just doing the simple things, basic quests, easy kills, gathering and monitoring my skill ups, etc. It’s surprising how much fun playing a little guy can be. At least, I think so. I enjoy it a lot. It’s a wonderful way to gradually get back into the swing of things, in my Zerker’s case that would be literally. I love their axes. I never had one in original EQ.

It turned out I had 10 slots in use, one slot free and then I got another with a token. After looking over the various classes I had, crafters I had (one of everything) and considering who I think I would find fun to play, I came up with four more, the first being the Zerker. He is an Ogre who will soon live in Freeport and he is named in memory of Frank Sinatra. I called him Oldredeyes! He’s cute in his own way. I’m sure the ladies of Freeport will just love him in a hateful way of course.

The other three I think would be really fun are:
Troll SK
Wood Elf Fury
Dark Elf Warlock

Like I don’t have enough to do, I really want to play these too. I’m sure the altoholics of this chapter can relate. I remember well that everybody loved alts and many loved crafting.

I need some time to think about who I want to really focus on as a main and what class I want to play with them. For now, it’s Lyolas the Inquisitor again because somebody needed the title but I am not sure he’ll wind up being it anymore. I burned out on healing groups and raids for so many years as my main thing all the time. I still like it but I don’t know if I want it to be the main thing I do anymore. We’ll see.

That’s enough of my rambling on. I’m really glad to be back and look forward to seeing everyone in game.

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I have toons on Isle of Refuge, also. If access to a quiet guild with all the amenities is something you want over there, let me know and I can log someone in to invite.

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Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind. I rolled another 4 to try out on my second account but I may reroll them on the first account on a different server to stick to one account. The secondary is silver but I might be better off just sticking to one account. I am not into boxing at all myself. I never liked it in EQ either aside of firing up a second instance to buff characters on the first and then closing it.

Is cross server mail a thing with EQ2? It would be nice being able to send stuff back and forth potentially. I can’t see doing redundant crafting at this point with so much else to do. However, it would be nice for toons elsewhere to benefit from my crafters for gear and supplies.

The other server you mentioned, I tried looking it up on the Daybreak EQ2 site but had no luck. Is that a progression server or something? I see four regular live servers when I make a new toon or I did yesterday when I was doing that.

Isle of Refuge requires membership. It’s a regular server with some special rules, such as limited numbers of no-trade and heirloom items. I have toons on every server, and all servers except Thurgadin and Fallen Gate have a full set of nine crafters (not all of them are maxed out, though). The live servers currently available are Halls of Fate, Maj’Dul, Skyfire and Antonia Bayle. Fallen Gate, which also requires membership, is the time-locked server, and Thurgadin and Test are in different regions, not in US English.

You can send in-game mail, but not items, between servers. :unamused:

I have two all-access accounts, and sometimes I two-box. Usually I just swap stuff back and forth between them, though. :wink:

My primary account is all access and the secondary one for now is silver. I may upgrade it at some point.

I didn’t realize slot limits were based on region at first but I’ve since read about that and understand now why I couldn’t roll anybody on Isle of Refuge presently with all slots full on the primary account. I did roll a few more on the secondary account I can play with later.

I just need to get the remaining ones on the primary account guilded for now and that’ll keep me plenty busy.

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Finished guilding the remaining alts this morning. Welcome back!


Thank you very much for getting the rest in just in the nick of time before our planet turned into a pumpkin, or something like that. I was oblivious to the time despite the bells going off for hours warning of the impending temporary doom, typical me.

Thanks to Q also if she sees this for getting a couple in last night despite how busy she was at the time.

So I am all set now. The ducks are all lined up and then some. All I have to do now, is live long enough to do all the stuff I want to do! Wish me luck!

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