Looks good on mobile

This is almost like a new trapper keeper!

Hey quick note to admins. Great job for your hard work. Change is alway good they say. I love giving up my comfortable chair and forming new callouses. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyways… I’m sure it’s just my thick headedness, but I did have a hard time finding information on the move and what to do. In fact the way I found out was through a complaint on the old forum. So for my thick headed bros I suggest a post on the old explaining the process in detail. Just saying there’s a new forum is not enough for me. I’m not in a gaming group anymore other than console gaming. If it’s there somewhere and I missed it, sorry. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Welcome to the new forums @Mezilar! It does look good on mobile, does’t it?

We have tried placing the information in many places.
It’s one of the announcements at the top of the old forums, as well as being mentioned in the monthly message.
A lot of the chapters are spreading the information too as this move is a bit slower then the last one since we can’t move everything over at once. I’m sure there are other places that it’s been mentioned too, probably Discord and Facebook.

We’re getting there!

I missed it then. I’m probably in a group by myself :grin: speaking of discord, is that chapter specific? I don’t have a pc worth gaming on anymore so I miss out on communication platforms like mumble. I’m still figuring out discord but seems I need a invite link. Where can I find that?


Thank you muchly