Lost Ark coming to NA and EU


I’ll believe it when it actually releases and is even remotely ‘westernized’ :smiley:

It’ll happen. The game is getting a lot of media traffic especially after the “Diablo Immortal” announcement.

We’ll see. A lot is going to depend on them being able to actually do proper localization, and on whether there will be someone that says NO when the inevitable proposal comes up to put pure P2W things in the ingame store.

So far I don’t think any Asian games have really succeeded in a western market. BDO, AA, they all do okay, but not much more than okay.

The enormous cultural difference between the players in Asia and the players in the US/EU has so far pretty much doomed every one of them.

Good news!

The problem is the lack of interesting, new western MMOs on the horizon. WoW Classic will probably be very popular next year.

BDO’s westernization seemed to be a copy of the community translations and I have heard rumors that Lost Ark will soon get a third-party English patch.

I tend to prefer the combat in Asian games. I have played Archeage more than any other MMO these past few years. Crowfall and Ashes of Creation are the only new western games which have decent combat. The hype for Crowfall has died off and AoC has a long way to go.