LOTRO "Chat Channel?"

Hey, do we have a separate ‘chat channel’ in LOTRO? And if so, how do I get there?

Thanks in advance!

I am not sure I understand what you are asking. Chat channel where?

In LOTRO. You know, there is “world chat” IMS etc. /channel “otg?” I actually think I tried that but got nowhere.

I know it’s a moot point when one is in a group and using voice chat but many times I am just up here in my easy chair ‘crafting.’

Did any of that make sense?

There is the kin channel, /k I think it is.

Yeah, that.

I always make a new chat tab too and filter out everything else but Kin chat. :wink:

If you are on a toon that is in the OTG kinship, use /k to set your default to the kinship channel. Only toons that are in the kinship can use this channel.

However, at one point, we made a global channel for use by alts that are either not in the kinship or are in the alt kinship Old Time Crafters. You can join it by typing the command > /joinchannel OTG-Global <

You can also get a list of any user defined channels and their numbers by typing the command > /listchannels <

Oh wow, doah! I never thought about the “/k” thing. And I read that too… Man!

Thanks for the info especially about the “otg-global.” I frequently sit in the LR in my easy chair and just craft and rather than bug people with private, it will be much easier to “global” it.

Again, thanks

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Just be forewarned, it’s awfully quiet in the chat channels these days. At least at the time I am online :smiley:

Not everyone likes to stop to type while they are fighting

Yessir, I have trouble just doing it without typing. Now my nephew, who is >20 yrs younger prefers to ‘chat’ whilst playing. Can’t figure out how he does it but I can’t get him to use a voice program. He is also in OTG and I think he is db1701.

Are you saying most peeps are using mumble/discord instead?

Yes, I am curious on this also. Kinchat seems to be awfully quiet, is voice chat where everyone is talking ? I just joined kin the other day, BTW, and had noticed that it was as quiet as a tomb.

My two cents:

Bear in mind that the kin is relatively small at this point. At the times I play, there’s usually less than a dozen people online. Sometimes, it’s just 3 or 4 of us.

Like most chapters, chat (text or voice) is dead quiet or relatively lively, depending on who is on and what they’re doing. Most talking is done by just a few members.

My experience across all games is that maybe 10% of members actively participate in voice/in-game chat, so if there’s 10 people online, that means ONE of them is likely to be a talker.

There are some folks who hang out in voice chat (on mumble) regularly, but not a bunch. Some nights, you might find a dozen or more, but those are generally nights when there are a couple static groups going. I can’t speak for daytime activity.

If you’re looking for lively chat, you’re just not going to find it here, IMO. No one is being intentionally unfriendly. There just aren’t enough active players to make it feel livelier.

What Moss said is pretty accurate. Daytime is slower then the evenings.

I try to say “Hi” when I get on to my character that I’m going to be playing. (There may be some toon hopping when I first pop on to clean out toon trade part of my vault.) Once I’m playing it may take a moment or so for a response too. Working on the books for my newest critter. Almost out of the Mines. Might make it out of there before stuff turns grey. :laughing:

OK, thanks for the input.
I will try to be as active in kin chat as the situation warrants.
I just don’t think my poor PC can handle mumble/discord net traffic.
Sounds like I can just stick with in game chat.

Being active in chat yourself is one way to encourage others to respond. Some folks never will, the ability to type and fight doesn’t come naturally. I am one of those, no texting and while driving.

Lol, you’re smarter than I am. I might or might not have killed my toons in the past while “talking”…

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I couldn’t even type it right Moss, LOL!

I can’t ride the horse or fight and type at the same time. Dagid would probably argue that I can’t fight even when I don’t try to type in chat.