LOTRO Events Schedule


LOTRO Events Schedule
Here is the current events schedule. Please note that events and their start and stop times can change.


Event: Start Time: End Time:
11-Year Anniversary Gift 4/19/18@10am 4/1/19@3am
Lootbox Weekend 5/17/18@10am 5/21/18@3am
Spring Festival (Encore) 5/18/18@10am 5/31/18@3am
VIP Event Boost 5/24/18@10am 5/29/18@3am
Hobnanigans 5/31/18@10am 6/4/18@3am
Anniversary Encore 6/7/18@10am 6/18/18@3am
25% Crafting XP 6/21/18@10am 6/25/18@3am
Summer Festival 6/28/18@10am 7/17/18@3am
25% XP Boost 7/19/18@10am 7/23/18@3am
Buried Treasure Event 7/26/18@10am 7/31/18@3am
Vacation in Frostbluff 7/31/18@10am 8/7/18@3am
Hobnanigans 8/2/18@10am 8/6/18@3am
Summer Festival (encore) 8/9/18@10am 8/20/18@3am
VIP Event Boost 8/23/18@10am 8/27/18@3am
Farmer's Faire 8/30/18@10am 9/18/18@3am
Tale of the Shipwrecked Mariner 9/15/18@10am 9/20/18@3am
Bilbo's Birthday 9/20/18@10am 9/26/18@3am
25% Skirmish Marks 9/27/18@10am 10/1/18@3am
Hobnanigans 10/4/18@10am 10/8/18@3am
Fall Festival 10/16/18@10am 11/6/18@3am
VIP Event Boost 11/8/18@10am 11/13/18@3am
Lootbox Weekend 11/15/18@10am 11/19/18@3am
25% XP Boost 11/21/18@10am 11/26/18@3am
Hobnanigans 11/29/18@10am 12/3/18@3am
25% Skirmish Marks 12/13/18@10am 12/17/18@3am
Yule Festival 12/18/18@10am 1/14/19@3am