Making gold in WoW

Here is what I know about making gold. This has earned me enough to buy whatever heirlooms I want, and buy flying as needed. If you are not into collections or achievements or rep grinds, making money before BFA drops might be a useful thing to do.

  1. Get an auction house mule. This is either some old 110 with lots of bag space that you no longer like to play, or a level 1 that you ran to Stormwind. Park them at some uncrowded AH near a mailbox and bank. I like the north AH in Stormwind (nearer the Pandaland portal). This mule just sits at the mailbox and posts things on the AH.

  2. Get a decent mail mod, like Postal. This makes it easier for you to mass mail stuff to your alt from your main. I also like the mod Baganon, which keeps track of which toon has what gold, and you can have a nice fat single bag to sort stuff.

  3. Get an AH addon. I am using Auctionator. You can do better with TradeSkillMaster (TSM) addon. TSM has a learning curve, and you can make millions if you run it right, but you need to look at many youtube videos to really optimize it. There is an entire forum on Reddit that delves deeply into money making schemes, and if you do TSM and strategies from that board, you will be swimming in gold.

  4. As you adventure, mail stuff to your AH mule. Post it and see what it sells for. I think it is alt-left to put it quickly into the window on Auctionator. If it is worth more than 1g, post it. Post it for 2days. If it fails to sell, try one more time. If that fails vendor. Reposting stuff that never sells is a time sink. The stuff that sells tends to be white crafting items, some blue BoEs, some quest items, recipes, mounts, and battle pets. The latter sell slowly. Potions and flasks not on current top tier do not sell. Green items do not sell unless they are a transmog, but the transmog market is a whole thing that takes a while to master and you need TSM to really do that right. Tailor/enchanter is a good money maker. You can mail it cloth, have it produce items, grind them up into enchanting mats, and sell scrolls. Look to post enchants for heirloom gear on scrolls…people who want to level fast and have a lot of gold will buy heirlooms and buy enchants.

  5. Generate cash by world quests, order hall missions, gathering, professions, and picking up treasures. Note I would bank any non-legion mats until after BFA drops, I expect them to be worth more post BFA. Each profession has its money making scheme, and some are more reliant upon mass posting via TSM. High profit items like 30 slot bags are an example of time gated stuff that will command a good price. For instance another example is Sky Golems, which take something like 30days of engineering 1/day material. Anything like that you can post and it will usually sell at a decent price.

  6. Use guild repairs. Saves me a ton. Thanks OTG!

  7. General rule: if it is low level, and there is an heirloom item that works for that slot, you will never profit by making it and posting it.

  8. When BFA drops there are a few things to do early to make lots of gold then. Gather early and sell everything you gather as soon as you get it. Price spikes early in an expansion. Catch up later when prices drop on your main profession. Any battle pet you get that can be caged from the new area, post those early. They will command the greatest price then. If you do decide to focus upon crafting, post BOE stuff early and make a ton. I did that in Draenor and BC. I had a jewelcrafter in BC who got all of the recipes first, and was able to dominate the gem market early. Then once I had a pile of gold, I went out later and got exp. For Draenor, I got the garrison structures going early and posted a bunch of BOE weapons and gear, and raiders who wanted to maximize progression bought my stuff at rip off prices just to get to the end game as soon as possible. Many of us in this guild will play a long time after the initial rush hits, so reaping gold in the manic first few weeks is a good strategy.

Good post but only thing worth noting is regarding item 7.

Yes heirlooms are used by just about everyone but I always check the skin of the item. Generally if it looks cool, i’ll post it once hoping someone will snag it for transmogs.

After that I vendor it but I’ve sold quite a bit of low level greens and blues that had neat skins.

My understanding of the transmog market is through a bit I read on that forum and my son who looked into it. On large well established high population servers, the transmog market does really well. For ours, it is not as lucrative.

The way they do it with TSM is have a long list of items bought solely through transmog value. These prices are highly volatile and server dependent. Once you have the list, you can recognize any transmogs put up for below market value. Some of these are greens that do not seem to be that hot, and you can make a killing if you get the right one. Anyway, you create a post list of the stuff you have and mass list it. The market usually is pretty slow, but over time it may sell. This is where the big server thing helps. Your odds of moving it are much higher on a higher pop server.

I was doing a big list like that in TSM for a while with inscription. I had set up autopost margins and could mass post a ton of items quickly. What I found was the profit per item was low, and so too were the sales, and it was just a daily log in to repost garbage that does not sell.

So my new philosophy is to put up stuff that sells, and vendor that which does not, and spend more time grinding straight gold earn ventures like WQs.