Map Voting - Round 2 - Nov 5-16th

Announcement here.


  1. The guidance from Vornair is Map N. (see post below for announcement)
  2. View maps and vote here

I will try to keep this original post updated with the latest information for those that haven’t joined the Vornair and Fenixvalle discords.

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Two things that are of interest in this round

  1. The field of available maps has been narrowed to just 5 per server based on the results of Round 1. The entire purpose of Round 2 is to select the one map each server will use.
  2. Topographical information will be added in this round.
  3. Edit: Duchy borders are also present

Really, I think it’ll come down to Map A or Map N, with the topographical layout being a large influence on the decision between the two. Only Map A and Map N meet the criteria that I heard discussed in the public Q&As in Vornair’s YouTube channel.

My take on the larger picture:

  1. King Adam has two Kickstarter King packages. So Vornair is unique in all the kingdoms in that it can select two kingdoms on the map. I think he even has the most IP on the server, so he gets to pick first. So, obviously he wants to pick two contiguous kingdoms.
  2. He has stated, based on internal polling, that he plans on picking Kingdoms 1 and 2 (the northern most). They include 4 biomes and 3 races: Hrothi (classic RPG dwarves), Neran (classic jack-of-all-trades humans), and Brudvir (Vikings analog?).
  3. Maps A and N are attractive because they place three defensive biomes at our southern border with the most defensive (mountainous) anchoring the center. Furthermore, the coast extends east and west of Kingdom 3 providing straight shots for sea trade with the southern kingdoms. He didn’t want to have to go around Kingdom 3 by sea.

Where will OTG end up? I think we’re still planning on most of us ending up in the Duchy of Fenixvalle. Fenixvalle’s representative did express a slight leaning for the Neran which would place us in the western biome. If you a have preference, I suggest you express it in the Fenixvalle discord (edit: see post below this one).

All-in-all, I find myself fascinated by this process. It’s very innovative.

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Duke Vorien Fenix Ⓥ :skull::owl:Last Thursday at 7:07 PM

@here FUN TIMES!!! Duchy meeting regarding map selection this coming Tuesday, November 6th at 8pm EDT…we will sell you the whole seat but you will only need the edge!!!

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King Adam Rhyne ⓋYesterday at 8:57 PM


Hail, Vorn!

These last 72 hours have been very exciting. Your Dukes, Duchesses and I have been very busy in taking up your input, analyzing the information we have been given, and discussing how best to cooperate to take care of our Kingdom as a whole. Some compromises were made by each and every Duchy, but we are pleased to make the following announcement regarding the consensus that has been reached amongst your leadership:

Vornair will vote for Map N in Round 2 of Map Voting.

We encourage each of you to vote how you see fit; however, there is strength in community and numbers! Please consider voting with your community, and if you’d like to understand better why the selection of Map N has been made, please reach out to your Duke/Duchess /Count/Countess or any of your Kingdom leadership. We’d be happy to talk about this in great detail.

I will be holding a Q&A on Thursday at 8pm EST as usual, and the DotR will hold a Q&A Sunday at 2100, where Map Selection will be the key topic. Come with your questions, and then let’s all vote!

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King Adam Rhyne ⓋToday at 8:32 AM

Since the other Kingdoms have had the opportunity and have sent out their announcements as well. I am happy to announce that for this round the Monarchs of NA-E have agreed to a consensus on Map N for phase 2. I thought you folks might appreciate that information and take some time to get to know your fellow NA-E folks in literally the first time we have been in agreement on the direction of the server!

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yup I have my two votes for Map N in. :slight_smile:

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Map N Wins For Luna NA:E!!!