MapleStory 2... anyone else really enjoying this?


I’m on the West coast server, and having a hecka good time. Anyone else on West coast servers, and do we have any unofficial OTG guilds?


Im not really sure about OTG guilds or what not, but Ive been wanting to give that game a try since I miss the old maplestory farm.

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I only played MapleStory 1 once or twice, and it wasn’t up my alley, but I’m enjoying MS2 so much! I highly recommend it. You can grab it via Nexon’s launcher, or it’s also on Steam, and there may be other ways I don’t know about as well! :slight_smile:

I’ve been curious about this… might try it.

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I’m definitely still into it. I’m a slow, SLOW leveler (in any game) and especially here, with exploration and minigames and such, hahaha. I have 18 hours in, and am level 17, if that tells you anything.

No worries for those who actually want to hurry to cap, though… it’s pretty quick to get there with the main quest and stuff like that, or so I’ve heard. :slight_smile:

Hopefully I’ll see you two in game! I’m JinxLuckless there as well. I ended up joining a nice guild, but I might switch, depending on what happens with OTG. :slight_smile:

I just started to play this game, and I really enjoy it. I feel it’s a very relaxing game so far.

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Agreed, agreed!

I’m a bit frustrated with myself for being such a slow leveler, because this Saturday & Sunday they’re giving away a premium currency on Saturday and Sunday if you log in and are level 60. But I’m like level 21 or 22, so it’s not happening, especially at my snail’s pace, hahah.

That’s actually the second time they’ve done that-- missed it the first time, too. <_<

Ah, well. Having a ton of fun at my pace, anyway. :smiley:

I’m playing the game with my 8 yr old grandson… lol

Hahah, awesome! I hope you two are super enjoying it! :slight_smile:

I’m still very much into it. :smiley:

But isn’t it too cute?

There’s no such thing, as far as I’m concerned. :wink: Cute is a bonus!

Edited to add: I’ve moved over to the East server, because that seems to be where all the US people are congregating, even those in the western bit like me. :slight_smile:

If anyone’s still playing this, I’m on the East Coast server as well. Name is also Tarthus in game.