Marvel Future Fight

I figured I’d open this one up for discussion as it is currently one of my more active mobile games.

Here’s a list of links that I will try to regularly update for new players and veterans alike:

Main sources

Specific Information

Meta Information Charts (release version specific)

Current Game Version: 4.5.0 Meta info updated when it is available.


Great post, thank you!

There are currently 25 characters than can be leveled up to 70. Not enough bios for them all? Not sure who to focus on? Cynicalex has a list in his video. There are multiple points where you can seek and pause to just see the list if you don’t want to watch it for his reasoning.

Top 5 are:

  1. Captain America
  2. Thor
  3. Scarlet Witch
  4. Thanos
  5. Doctor Strange
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Just finished Strange. Did Cap right away. Think I still have to do Thor, SW, and Snappy.

Also did IM and Spidey soon as they were enhanced so I could do the Civil War team. :smiley:

mike drop

Mike who? :smiley:

Added link for WBU general guide.

On another note, what do you guys think about the Infinity WarPs thing? Personally I think it is an obvious comic book/ video game marketing gimmick. I’m not expecting anything decent from netmarble this time around, The last couple of updates have been great, but it seems they are due for ‘filler’ update. The comic book series (mini-series/one-shots?) has been announced since June-ish and it does intrigue me (ala 2099, or Ultimates universe). Some of the artwork and character mashups leave me a little perplexed and concerned. I’m not sure if even the creators are going to take themselves seriously on this one :rofl:

PS/PSA- Since it is already September and gasp holidays gasp are nearing. I just wanted to remind and/or inform players that the best time historically to buy uniforms has been during the Black Friday sale (50% off as opposed to the usual 40% iirc). So especially if you are free-to-play and not still saving up for the epic mission packs, it might be a good time to plan on saving up and skip any tempting sales.

Of course Warps is just marketing but the comics and characters look fun as hell so looking forward to it. :smiley:

Playing a little more now that I have a newer iPad, plays well there.

Waiting on DC Unchained in US. A fellow reviewer is playing the APK and says he likes it better than FF.

As I also own a Nintendo Switch though playing mobile games on phone/iPad is “secondary”.

Got all the new characters and unis. Me am addicted. :open_mouth:

Welcome back Benbrada!

I just have Iron Hammer, and working on Arachknight heroic (something tells me we’ll have to fork over 750 crystals each week want to get more of his bios, so he is a prime rank up ticket candidate outside of normal paywalls). I am still intrigued but I set the bar of expectancy low on this one so I’m not surprised but still a little dissapointed. I think I have netmarbles patch cycle understood now. The next patch will probably continue the warps theme and be about as good as this one and not particularly special.

That being said, I will probably get the paywall warps next month since I am temporarily on a spending timeout with netmarble over an unintended spent crystal dispute (long story, but if I lose out- so will they).

Marvel-wise I am actually more excited to check out the comic book series. I’m looking forward to a fresh re-imagining of all the heroes and villains we are used to.

new link to uniform tracking sheet added up-to-date with curent 4.4 info

Unlocked all 4 new characters and working on leveling them up. Really like them, though it sucks they apparently have no team bonuses together. The ones they have are good (though not many). New unis look great and apparently some characters got graphic upgrades too.

Started playing again, a week or so ago, after about a year-and-a-half absence. I’m still pretty early on in my character’s development; as of now I have six at 6*, four of those at 6 mastery, and I just raise one to Tier 2, Mantis. My wife wife also got into the game, and she turned me on to Mantis, who has so far proven to be quite brutal. I’m finally able to do Shadowland :smiley:.

I’m also working on the Doctor Strange epic quest. I probably jumped the gun on that quest, but he’s been my favourite superhero since I was a kid. I have him at 5*, 3 mastery, level 55 so far.

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Hey you should do what you enjoy and play the characters you like especially in a superhero game!

Mantis is a lot of fun though her fear ability doesn’t work on bosses in some modes I believe (Enchantress is good for that).

Doctor Strange is definitely at the top, get him to level 70 when you can! :smiley:

Welcome back!

Iron Hammer #1 is out today. Love the character even more now! Two of my favorite origin stories mashed up lol

I’m catching up on backstory, but will get around to it soon. Was considering getting a Marvel Unlimited subscription but then found out that new titles are sadly not included on release :frowning:

On another note: Apparently the classic Loki and Hawkeye uniforms are coming tonight in a quick patch. Not sure what to expect as the art style will be totally different. However they will be on sale for 450 crystals each.

Buuuut, I think I might just continue conserving crystals until Brack Fliday :rofl:

New issues are included in Marvel Unlimited but about 6 months later I think… so if you can avoid spoilers… :wink:

Those Loki and Hawkeye unis are too weird for me. Don’t like the change in art style in THIS game. Would be fine elsewhere but too jarring to my eye.


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