Marvel Strike Force

Just starting a thread for those of us playing MSF.

Posting link to google docs spreadsheet for character Tiers list, helpful to figure out what characters are ‘good’.

Strike Force Database


Alright, here I am on the new boards.

As discussed in game chat, we’ll try to start raids at 21:00 EST (last free energy hour of the day) so everyone can maximize their contribution, and also participate in the short-timed raids (like the 2-hour Deadpool one).

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I’ve started playing this. Still figuring out the way to play, but I like it a lot.
Right now I have Luke Cage, Punisher, Crossbones, Spiderman, Shield Medic and Shield Assault.

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It’s a fun game and the animations are fantastic. :smiley:

Dissent in the community?

Some very valid points… kind of shocked to see an article about the game on that site though! :open_mouth:

I tend to agree with the article. They don’t need to toss so much out there at once. Repeat campaigns and so on so folks can get the characters they need before dumping another 2 or 3 on us. Although, I admit I do like the Mercenary guys…I use them in Blitz all the time. I’ll keep playing as long as it’s fun. I’m still grumpy about not getting Wasp…she looked like she might be good…so does SW. :smiley:

I tend to agree as well. It’s all a bunch at once, and I feel like they are trying to cash grab while the infinity war iron is hot.

It’s a fun game, and I enjoy it, but I am being a complete filthy casual and not spending money. I’ve even managed to get more characters, that are damn good even according to the spreadsheet, with no cost.

Only spent some cash in the beginning for power cores and since then it’s been a lot of farming, farming, farming. And I agree with pretty much everything, especially the star-gated events that I hate.

Yeah I like the game but it’s another game that can’t hold a candle to Future Fight in terms of generosity of the devs.

Unpopular opinion - Future Fight bored the heck out of my mind. Strike Force, being turn based, engages the strategy more. Maybe I missed something with Future Fight.

FF is a different kind of game but strategy of who to use is certainly there and I love that I can switch of autoattack and run around the map and play my way. That being said I like both games but FF is by far more generous with giving out stuff than any other mobile game I’m playing.

Hey all, been a while. Went away on vacation and when I got back I couldn’t log in to my MSF account. I’ve tried everything support has suggested, but it just isn’t working. Have one more thing I’m going to try one evening this week, but if it fails, sadly I’m going to have to give up. Just thought I’d give you the heads up.

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So I just stumbled onto this game recently and just now this thread. I am looking to build a solid team and am wondering how up to date that google doc is??


I’m taking a break from the game for a while. I’ve been having a few too many problems lately to make playing fun. For example, every raid I go on now I end up running into a node that says it’s already occupied and the name of the person there is Rance. Nice. Also I get kicked out of the middle of battles more lately like Arena or Campaigns and I’m tired of reporting it to them. Not sure if its my end or theirs but I haven’t had any problems in my other games. And the fact they have more stuff going on all the time…do they need more money? My Kree team has always been one of my favorites for Blitz and I already had them all at 4 stars so I thought “This will be a snap,” but now I’m grumpy and am not going to work to get them to 5* and higher lvls…guess you can say I’ve reached the saturation point. Hope you guys aren’t having any problems and everything is still fun! Good gaming, all!

Rance, formerly Not Hostile :smiley:

note: the fix for the already occupied node (for me anyway) is to delete the game and reload it. It was getting to be a pain every time we had a raid…

Hey Rance, there was an update yesterday that was supposed to fix many of those issues. I’ve also ran into the raid node issue, what clears it for me is to close the game, open, close and open again. The node is the free and I can play it without losing any energy. Hope that could help u too if the update did not fix it.

Appreciate it. I logged in briefly yesterday and was a hit with a barrage of ‘buy this, buy that!’ and suddenly I had no desire to read any more…so I think a break is the best thing now. Hope you guys continue to have fun beating down the bad buys!


I’ll be taking a break from the game for a while, got quite a lot of mileage out of it, but right now feels that it has gotten into too much of a grind with not enough new challenges. Good luck all, and keep on fighting the good fight!