Membership Statistics... How many are we anyway?

We opened these new Discourse forums in May, 2018…

End-of-Month Stats for Discourse:

May 2018: 467 Members, 5 Guests, 472 Total Users
Jun 2018: 952 Members, 10 Guests, 962 Total Users
Jul 2018: 1278 Members, 20 Guests, 1298 Total Users
Aug 2018: 1801 Members, 49 Guests, 1850 Total Users
Sep 2018: 1984 Members, 58 Guests, 2042 Total Users
Oct 2018: 2154 Members, 81 Guests, 2235 Total Users

Membership moved from vb5 to Discourse on August 1, 2018

May 2018: 90 Applications, 85 Completed
Jun 2018 53 Applications, 38 Completed
Jul 2018: 42 Applications, 35 Completed

Aug 2018: 85 Applications, 80 Completed
Sep 2018: 75 Applications, 64 Completed
Oct 2018: 81 Applications, 68 Completed.


This is pretty awesome. Thanks, @Juulz!

Of course, this doesn’t include all the members that either didn’t realize we moved (like uh… me for a few months), of those that are Online-phobic and don’t post/join message boards.

If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say that we are 2-3x larger than the boards show, people just dont post or make themselves visible.

Still, nice information to have and see for shouting purposes. What would also be nifty to know would be the locations of all these members on a pin map… See the amoeba that is OTG spread acros the globe

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That would be a cool idea! Those who wished to opt in could have their pin appear on a world map.

I agree! That would be really cool! Or just a pin without the names then permission wouldn’t be necessary… :slight_smile:

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