Minecraft forums

Think I am missing the minecraft forums that were suppose to be brought over . Looking for info on any servers other OTG players are running or playing on.

I tried the search and using the category tab but I am just not see it.

You can still sign into the old forums to get that information, just can’t add new information there.

were are the minecraft forums I was playing and got kicked because I am not white listed. I need to be able to post and talk to others somehow who are playing.

Just noticed it was decided not to move that forum well that is total BS if you ask me I hate these new forums as it is and you all do not move everything kind of crappy. Just my personal opinion which I hope we are still allowed to have.

Of course you are entitled to your opinion, why wouldn’t you be?

Yes, not everything was copied over. I’m sure you can see much of the old forum is outdated and no longer applicable. The old forums are also still available (read only), and the OTG and Chapter leadership kept that in mind when trying to pick what should be brought over. If there is something you feel should have been brought over, you should contact the chapter leader. At least that would let you know if it was simply missed, or a decision was made to discontinue OTG support.

I, myself, do not know much about Minecraft in OTG, but a search didn’t return much, so it doesn’t seem to be popular at the moment. However, even if there is no OTG full chapter, that does not mean you cannot start a Minecraft thread, gather the info you and others might want or need, and encourage others to play! :hammer: