Mining Laser Used for Defense



Cool, now get miners to clear the launch pads of ships sitting there doing nothing… lol

There has been some grumble and gripe about this.
Some say this is unbalance and mining lasers are OP against other ships, etc.

But the way I see it, you have to be REALLY close range for the mining laser to do anything. Notice in that video he hits a few times without ever sparking the shields, but when he gets to close range it starts damaging shields.
Also it took a few times to take down the shields.

I think it is fine just the way it is. If you let a mining ship get that close to you then you deserve to get your ass fried.

They’re insane. The range is 150m and it cuts a ship in half in seconds. The range should be 10m, maybe 15m, and the power should drop significantly further away. And the prospector can have full shields and engines going while firing it, which means it can get on your ass and stay there. It should require so much power that the engine and shields should have to be offline.

It cannot get on your ass and stay there because it doesn’t fly like a fighter. Not even close.

But, I agree the range should be far lower. As for the engine and shields, I have to disagree there. There does need to be a power requirement, but it needs to be reasonable. Who wants to mine while sitting there with no shields and engine running?

And to further address the issue, the latest patch says:

Updated the Prospector’s flight behavior to be similar to precision mode when in mining mode.

Precision mode is better, slow and steadily maneuvering, not yanking and banking. In theory, the power of the beam should draw from all other systems such that it has minimal to use anywhere else. It’s not an Orion, it has a tiny power plant.

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