Monster Hunter World PC Release!

To everyone who has played Monster Hunter World on console and wanted it on PC, and those who wanted it on PC at the same time, it is finally happening!

Capcom announced that they are going to release MHW for PC on August 9th, 2018. It will be available thru Steam and currently has a preorder available for it. It’s a short timeframe, but one that will be liked by many. Personally, I am looking forward to this as I wanted to get it on PC since its release onto consoles several months back.

Follow the Youtube link, or watch it here, to hear a little bit more about this release.


Besides that the game is $60 they sell armor sets for $60?!?!? Whoa.

I didn’t see that. Kinda insane if you ask me. If it’s the layered sets, that’s waaaaaaaaay too much for something that’s cosmetic. I am still planning on picking this game up after it’s release in August. I don’t know who else, if anyone, will be getting it for PC.

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Sell armor sets?? Where did you saw this?

I play a bit of this game on console and never saw any armor sets for sale. Almost everything either armor sets or skins are in game acquire through hunt quests or events. I will be getting this game at release or shortly after as long as they have proper mouse+keyboard support

I plan to purchase the basic PC version of Monster Hunter - World from Steam and would be interested in playing Co-op with other OTG members for the harder monster fights once I get established in the game. I am using this game to sharpen my skills for the upcoming Ashes of Creation boss fights :slight_smile:

So excited for it come one Pc, been playing the monster hunter series sense GEN 1. Been playing Monster hunter world on xbox one and it gives people a whole new fear/challenge. Hope to see you guys around on Monster Hunter World on PC!

I plan on playing this game i love the series. I hope to see a few of you in game.

I have picked up the game a couple of days ago. You can find my steam community page at Send me a friend invite so we can hunt mons together!

I have been watching this to gauge the interest that the guild has in the game actually. It appears that while it can be played somewhat solo (for some stuff) a dedicated group of people really are required for some of the later stages and fun impact. I have seen a few people on Discord so far, but no critical mass playing that I can notice as of yet.

Still, I am keeping an eye and if the tempo picks up, I may be goaded into getting this and killing critters with others :slight_smile:

Just as an update FYI, MH:W has been granted a chat channel in Discord in the General Games Section. If you are playing and wish to talk with others, come join in the channel (both a text chat one and a verbal one) so that we can all discuss getting hammerd by Black Diablos.