Where do I find step by step non geeky instructions for mumbling? Or did that move, too? Where am I. I try to click things and wow - talk about learning curve.

Anyway, I would like to mumble, but if I can’t, that’s OK, too.

Mumble is going the way of the dodo, my friend. It’s all discord now. :slightly_smiling_face:

However, here is a link to Mumble:


WoW Alliance is still using Mumble since it is paid for until October.

Sorry - I think I’ll give up on this discord thingie. I clicked on the link and there were a bunch of instructions and I couldn’t understand one word of it. Where is the Guild Wars 2 link? Or isn’t there any. I don’t know what this server is. I don’t want a server. I don’t even know what one is.

Thanks anyway for your advise. I’ll just play GW2 without voice.

I found this… it might help you understand how to set it up.

We still use mumble for GW2 stuff, @tonica, though that will change eventually.

There is a GW2 channel in discord. IDK if it is frequented or not. You might not have been able to see it yet if your registration hasn’t yet been approved.

You need to post in the (text chat) #Welcome channel first so someone can approve you.

Once you’re in, you’ll probably see a confusing welter of voice and text chat channels, but if you scroll down far enough, you’d find GW2:

The channels with “#” next to them are for text chat. The ones with a little speaker are voice chat.

Uses same resources as assistive devices in the codec.
Meaning if you’re disabled and have assistive computing items
like a footboard etc. Can’t use discord and these devices at the same time.

Don’t know if that applies @tonica tonica