Music - Recently discovered gems

I find myself in a phase of exploring lots of new music, which i haven’t been able to do much of for many years. I’ve been running into stuff that i enjoy so much that i want to share it with others. I hope some of you enjoy it too.

If other people have recent sparkly discoveries, please share them. I’m interested.

Here’s some beautiful, moving music from a West African woman: Fatoumata Diawara.

Fat Freddy’s Drop - A multi-award winning, 7-piece, dub/reggae/soul/jazz/R&B/techno “supergroup” (a group comprised of members from various other groups) from New Zealand. I love their creative takes on familiar grooves and the way they allow each song to evolve into so many different forms and textures. I’ve watched a lot of their live stuff, but here’s their second album from 2009, Dr. Boondigga & The Big BW.

some of my favorites

Thanks for sharing, berean. Delicious stuff. Also nice to find out about PFC.

Newen Afrobeat - A really tasty Afrobeat band from Chile. I don’t know if they’re strictly a cover band, but they do a lot of Fela Kuti tunes. I love this live studio video of them with a couple of guest musicians. How can anyone sit still to this? I especially love the kit drummer, who amazes me and who also seems pretty young. I love his interplay with the horns. I wish i could play this kind of music.

this is the first one I saw. After Katrina Hurricane

One of the first for PLC

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The amazing first album by Fat Freddy’s Drop. The cover says “lo-fi” but the music is phenomenal.

Enjoying this ribbit.

I can’t stop listening to this. Or dancing to it. Yet I can’t seem to get Megastar rating on it on Just Dance cries

Thanks, aphoenicis! Nice.

Thievery Corporation - I listened to them over 10 years ago but didn’t keep up with their subsequent releases. Now i’m finding more recent stuff of theirs that i like more than their older stuff. :slight_smile:

“That’s how we strike the root.”
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Might as well post this one too, since i’ve been playing them back-to-back, over and over again. Hehe.

“Can’t complain that we can’t complain.”
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thx ribbit. :loud_sound::loud_sound::loud_sound:

NEW from “Playing for Change”


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Ocote Soul Sounds - On Thievery Corporation’s independent record label. Has some similarities to them, but the musical base is more African & Latin/South American than Dub & Middle Eastern/Indian. Has some really interesting combinations of styles that i instantly found intriguing and that are still growing on me. Perhaps not as smooth as other stuff i’ve posted, but i feel it’s worth the exploration. FYI - the music starts at 00:16 for some reason.

Afrobeat from Australia with a Sun Ra influence. These guys are smokin’.

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I think this song is older but I just discovered his stuff no too long ago. Ben Caplan - Stranger

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Wow. Nice. Thanks. A gem indeed. I love the atmosphere. Hehe. Man on phone: “Honey, you won’t believe what’s happening down here at my bar today.”

Love the words
Chorus sounds Yiddish.
Love it