Muspelheim Server

Server: Muspelheim
Pass: Ymir
Be sure to set them up in that order
2x harvest 2x exp civilized/easy difficulty settings.

Hosted in Dallas TX by Survival Servers.


Is there a problem with this server? I was on yesterday, but can’t seem to find it today.

Thank you,

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it was showing as up but I went ahead and restarted it. that list does weird stuff sometimes. try putting in the direct connect info maybe.

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OK, it showed up for me today. Thank you.

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Looks like someone has placed a foundation down near the Derketo trainer. None of the NPCs are spawning there.

ok, I found the object and removed it. Hopefully it is the only one.

With the upcoming pet patch I am thinking to make some changes to the mods. we will probably loose some at least temporarily anyway. Just keep an eye on the list. I may also make some other settings changes such as turning building abandonment back on and I am going to add a password to the server. So if you see people on be sure to spread the word. If they are not OTG point them to the website to join if they want.

I am also thinking about wiping the server to give us a fresh start after the big patch. Still just thinking about it but it would be good to clean things up and it may avoid some bugs with all the changes coming. Let me know what you all think. I have pulled a backup as of today and will make it available to anyone who wants it in case we go down that road or the patch corrupts things.

oh and it worked. the npcs spawned back in and it looks like the named priestess Yakira spawned. Better go get her fast. :smile:

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Sounds good. And I am not opposed to a wipe. I am relearning the game after being gone for quite some time. Things have changed a lot.

OK, I am just finishing up restoring all the mods as to the list above. I also wiped the server for a fresh start with pets. Finally the server now has a password: Ymir

Thanks Viking. I popped on, looks good. No issues, even from the UK :wink:

Just a note for anyone connecting, you will need Battleye enabled.

I just joined the server, same name as here. No issues at all. I look forward to playing with everyone. Where is the main base?

Mod Change!

I added two mods to the end of the list. Camera distance and Glass Construction.

Something went wrong. My mod list matches the quoted list of mods but I can’t reconnect. Managed once, now it says the mod list doesn’t match, even though it plainly does…

The mod list has been updated because of one bugged with the update. Just the very first one was swapped out with an alternate.

Thinking it might be wise to turn the pet feeding off temporarily on the server. There’s a bug preventing pets and thralls from eating. They are, however, still capable of dying of starvation…