Mustang Rework on RtV

Pretty good episode, lots of good shots of the new Mustangs and some info on how they will work in 3.3

Pretty sharp. Still lukewarm to the redesign though. I’ll need to see it for myself before I make a final judgement.

I like the look of the redesign overall, the current Alpha I’m not sure how to get to the cargo area. Running around the ship in the hanger and on the landing pad at Port Olister I don’t see any way to load or unload something from the cargo area.

I like them overall as well. A lot of people have the complaint that the Beta doesn’t have the shag pad feel it had before, or to say it better maybe, it is not as warm and welcoming.
I think they could have done a little better on the feel of the interior but I love the layout and how they fit so much in such a small space.

They mentioned that it got a lot of inspiration from the concept work being done on the Pioneer. I can see where that makes sense, but it still feels a little too industrial to me.

I like it, glad I kept my Delta. Burned all of the rest, don’t need that many, got plenty of fighters, but like the look now.