Mutant Year Zero: Road to Ede

Due out Dec 4th 2018, looks like a cross between Borderlands and Xcom. Looks really good. Mutant Year Zero


I watched the dev gameplay video a few months ago and got excited. Looks like a lot of fun.

Recent 20 minute gameplay video.

I’ve got my eye on this, but really haven’t seen that much info. Can you only be a duck, pig, and human mutant? I was hoping for some new game play vids showing other types of mutants.

I think you can only be a human. The duck and pig are your companions. AFAIK, there are no “optional party members” or other mutants you can play. I could be wrong, though.

From what I read those are the main 3 there is a multitude of characters that will be available. I look to see if I can find the article or the Video.

I hope you can add different mutants to a party. I’d think I might get tired of running the same few out on each mission. Pathfinder Kingmaker is fun and switching up my party comp for different encounters keeps the game fresh. I still haven’t played with all the AI characters yet.