My Fallout 76 questions

I’m having some trouble finding information online. I guess the game is so new but it’s on sale so before I click buy I thought I’d ask fellow guildies.

Is there a class system? Can I be a healer?

I watched the trailer and all the women looked the same, how good is the character customization?

Is it grindy?

Are there nice outfits to wear? I can’t find the cosmetic shop online to preview things but I’m hoping there will be pretty things to wear and maybe extra hair.

Is it worth buy it now or should I wait for more patches (I have to admit it looks pretty terrible texture wise)

Hi, I can try to help.

But note that some of this is pretty subjective.

The “class system” is kind of loose. You just build your character as you level selecting stat points and special abilities.

You can kind of make healers, or at least characters who specialize in healing of yourself and others. It is not a traditional MMORPG style of healing, so you are not pump healing, or hot healing you are using Stim Packs to heal. So you are a kind of chemist, who also fights.

Character customization is some of the best I have seen. Excellent, and very flexible to different looks.

Grinding? Mmmm… sort of. It is a survival RPG/FPS. So you collect a lot of resources, and then build things with them. The collecting can be grindy. The EXP curb is not too steep, and there are no diminishing returns as far as I can tell. Expect a lot… a lot… of inventory management, and micro managing your carry capacity, etc. It is a very detail oriented game. No easy mode here.

Lots of nice outfits. Generally hats, and a full suite (e.g. suite, exporers outfits, etc.) They are full suites. The looks of your character can be changed at any time.

Is it worth it? Well that depends. I would say if you are a Fallout fan, then yes it is. If you are a traditional MMORPG playing looking for just another class-trinity based MMORPG then no. I love class based theme park MMORPG like WoW and ESO, etc. But this is not that. This is a Fallout game… with friends.

It is buggy, but it is fully playable. You will need some patience. It is my bet that they will be fixing the most impacting bugs sooner than later. But it is a huge game, so getting all of the small stuff smoothed out might take a year or so.

I hope that help.


Thanks so much! I do love Fallout and RPG’s.

So as a Medic? I would heal others or myself with stim packs? Kind of like the Infiltrator in SWTOR, shoot them or inject them?

If you’ve ever played Fallout 3, New Vegas or Fallout 4, healing pretty much works exactly the same. You can heal yourself with stimpacks, food or healing salve. You can use stimpacks on teammates kind of like you would NPC companions in the single player games. But you have to pretty much be right there. I don’t think you can use a syringer rifle to do remote healing (though I could be wrong, I don’t have one, but that would be kind of cool).

There is a Quack Surgeon perk that lets you use Whiskey to heal teammates, as well. :smiley: … several other team healing related perks in the Charisma category, but I haven’t seen anything specific for healing from a distance.

If you do plan to heal others, note that stimpacks are pretty much a rare commodity until you pick up the recipe to make them yourself. There is a quest line that leads to access to a vendor with the plans.

Sounds fun and I love the Charisma tree. I’ll be buying it now.

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Join us in Discord, and put your Bethesda name on the Google Docs sheet in this forum. Remember that in game, it will use your Bethesda user name. So make your Bethesda user name something you want to be known by.

Oh blergh. I suppose I can’t change my user name. I just used my go to easy to remember name.

Your Bethesda user name isn’t your in-game name, at least on PC. Not sure how consoles work in that regard. I had the same issue but then “Ranter” was available in-game.

Hey Ranter, you must be unique in this regard, because the game is buggy with regard to the social tools.

Question? Have you played with anyone else? Because for the rest of us, when we see each other in game, we see Bethesda names, not character names. Yes, you can name your character whatever you like; but your over avatar name will be your Bethesda name (unless there is a way to change that in game, that I did not see - or unless they patched this).

You can however call Bethesda and have them change your account name.

I will do some further research to confirm on all accounts.

Or I could be completely wrong. It asked me to put in a name so I assumed that was the name displayed to other users.


When you assume…

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The name you put in on the creation screen isn’t what other people see in game unless they actually inspect you further, from what I understand. People will be shown your Bethesda account name. (So I hope it isn’t BallsLikeTomatoes)

One of the many off design decisions that keeps me from playing the game for now.


I contacted support and they changed my username to Danilee so I won’t confuse anyone. See you in game. I’ll probab;ly be hours in the CC lol