My New Cockpit

Today I decided to take on a new project and build myself a cockpit setup for Star Citizen

Here is the finished product:

Cost me all of $65 US to build and about 6 hours of time.

The Joysticks sit perfectly at the right height so that my arms are at 90 degree angles at the elbow. The row of controls includes a throttle for the times when I don’t want to dual stick things and a G13 for when I am EVA.

I have only had time to try out flying for a few minutes but so far I am loving it.

Highly recommend setting one up if you have the space, especially since the cost is so low.
Happy to share the plans/parts list if anyone is interested.


Looks nice Sim, I need to get around to that eventually but I also like my desk. (It is a mess right now else I’d post a pic :wink: )

Looks like you are all set. Good setup

$65!! Could almost buy another ship with that… Just kidding. Looks great!

I love my desk, it is a great expanse of real estate. Unfortunately the pedals slip around on my floor. I think I need to build some kind of rig that sits under the desk and will hold some of the flight sim gear.

Don’t mind the mess. I’m thinking I could have a mount system under there to hold the flight stick and hotas, as well as provide a footrest/foot pedals. I also use this space for my consulting gigs so I need to keep that in mind.

I love the pile of reference books as monitor stands!

Linux, windows, what else am I seeing down there?

Old CCDA book as well. Yeah they are generally of more use as stands after a year or two. :wink:

Dang, I need to step up my game! It could be fun to custom make an environment for games…starts to collect canned goods, scrap metal and random trash for the next zombie game