Mythic 15 carries

I’m wondering if we can set up a few weeks to carry guildmates through a mythic 15 for the artifact appearance. I’m thinking Friday nights. Starting June 29 or July 6.

Requirements: 4 guys/gals able to run 18s or 19s; 2 or 3 of us knocking the easiest keystones down to a 15.

There are several guildmates that are good enough to do 15s just haven’t gotten around to it yet, I would want to carry them first to get a feel for it before we attempt a ‘hard carry’.

Some of our guildmates have spoken about paying gold to get it done; lets save them the 200k gold.

I’d love a carry before the end of the expansion. However, my schedule is a mess for the next few weeks. If you get this up and going and are still around mid July I’m in! :slight_smile:

I can assist on my rogue, but I would like to also try to be carried on my DH. I will copy the link to the discord.

We might want to coordinate this quickly, prepatch will be here before we know it!

I would be game as well.

I’ll put something on the calendar for tomorrow night. I ran last week on my mage and DH in hopes of getting good keys for this week. My mage got the worst key possible.

We’ll see who’s available tomorrow night. We may have one more week, maybe not.

I will have to pass as I am out of town for the weekend. I will be back Monday. I fear that we will see the patch on Tuesday. But I have heard Blizzard is not taking away the ability to get the skin after prepatch. But I don’t know how hard it will be.

I had an event on the calendar for about a week. No one applied. C’est la vie.

It’s not really that big of an issue as it will be available after prepatch

Well I don’t want to try after the artifacts are neutered. Maybe next year.

yea… ouch that might be really painful