NA- W Chapter for CoE?

Brand new to the OTG, and I’m still making heads or tails of the whole forums, but I was wondering if plans were in the making for a NA-W (Angelica) chapter was on the table or to be considered for the future?

I see that OTG is headed to Vornair (NA-E), but does that include all members of the OTG that’s interested in CoE, or is the idea of branching out to other servers a possibility?

Thank you for your time.

CoE is an unique game with unique gameplay. To the best of my knowledge, there is no guild functionality in CoE, which is normally a prerequisite for the creation of an OTG chapter.

In the place of traditional guilds, CoE has Kingdoms, duchies, etc. Since no one in OTG purchased a kingdom, the decision was to align with a kingdom with OTG ties, Vornair.

That does not mean that OTG members are locked into Vornair. Members are welcome to align with any kingdom/duchy that they want. While OTG is currently providing forum and Discord access for CoE, the majority of the game’s communication is happening through individual kingdoms’ Discord servers.

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I understand where you’re coming from and Vornair is a good option to choose from in the NA-E server, but have we identified potential locations to land in NA-W/OCE/EU servers? I was just wondering if this information was being hashed out behind the scenes or if I could help coordinate things on the NA-W server as well.

Thank you for the quick reply, Dewald :slight_smile:

I’m sure @Kelryth could give more specific details, but basically, OTG’s alignment is with Vornair. There is no other official avenue being pursued. We do not really have the presence to split up in an official capacity.

The same as with other chapters within OTG, we generally pick a location and focus our efforts there. While others can and do play on other servers/areas within the various chapters, the official OTG presence tends to remain focused.

Thank you @Hashberry that does help clarify somethings for me. I would like to leave a open invitation to those who will likely be playing on NA-West that my Duchy to available to those who wish to pursue that route.

Thank you! :blush:

Good day all,
So I was catching up on COE today. Noticed on the forums a whole area for guild chat/recruitment. So I think there might be some guild functionality. NA-E server (Luna) here.

Yes @Huldric OTG’s official presence will be on NA-E. This will not be a traditional “Chapter” of OTG as there is no current functionality for a guild within the game. This may change closer to beta and launch.

You are free to play with whoever you want on whichever server. We’ll make sure to have a post of everyone’s character name and in game mail address or whatever for each server when the game launches.