NDA information


  • Only discuss testing on (1) VR’s pantheon testing forums and (2) OTG’s private NDA Discord channel.

  • Don’t discuss testing on VR’s main forums, OTG’s forums, or in OTG’s other Discord channels.

  • For instructions on gaining access to OTG’s private Discord channel for testers take a look here: NDAs and You: Using Discord During Testing

The longer version…
is that those of you testing should not be discussing anthing specific to testing outside of the pantheon forums. If you post here which is against our terms of service it will be removed. If any information leaks out and is traced back to us from someone posting on our forums, discord or discussing on mumble, it will have repercussions for our guild. Thusfar OTG has had a very respectable reputation with developers and I expect our members to continue in that tradition.

In case you didn’t see this posted by kilsin on the Pantheon Fourms: "Basically, as a few have said, Crom, the only place that is NDA approved and safe to discuss testing will be our official designated subforum section for testing and in-game, speaking about testing with guild members or on any other external platform runs the risk of someone seeing information that they are not eligible to see and if even one of those people post it publically, do a video on it or stream it, it will result in action having to be taken against the guild as it is impossible for us to know details surrounding who said what to who etc. all we will know is the information was shared on X guilds website and now it is leaked, therefore X guild will need to face the consequences.

The best advice I can offer is to keep the discussion on our officially provided platform and in-game, so you know you are speaking with NDA approved people. We can not sanction the use of any other method and you folks will have to use it at your own risk.

Even using voice chat in Discord and just managing the people who have access to that channel by creating a testing group and assigning it to people you know have testing access is one way some people have said you can speak freely without your words being screenshot etc. but how do you check to verify that those people have testing access? You can only take them on their word as only VR can know for sure and we cannot disclose that information to anyone for privacy reasons."

UPDATE - Please do not discuss what testing group you are in or testing dates.
UPDATE - VR has approved use of out-of-game communications, as long as they are restricted to confirmed testers.