NDA Warning

Just a warning, Breaking NDA’s is a violation of guild policy. Violators could face a few consequences as listed below.

Caspian - 05/09/2018]

@here Hail Elyrians. We have been made aware of Counts and Dukes that are releasing NDA information on their private Discord servers. As a friendly reminder, the NDA is there to protect the studio, the game, and by extension of that, your investment in the game. Leaking information can and does have an impact on us as a studio. Sometimes good, but often times bad. Such affects generally make it harder for us to do our jobs effectively while still being able to share the journey with you transparently.

As a less friendly reminder, if we obtain conclusive evidence that someone is knowingly and intentionally releasing NDA information to their communities, we will, as we just did with some counts and dukes, ban the accounts outright. This is the one and only warning/reminder I will give. While this doesn’t apply to most of you, please understand, if you choose to violate the NDA you are choosing to give up your account, all rewards, and all access to the game from that account when you do so. Choose wisely.

Cefwyn - OTG Alpha, Beta Testing NDA Policy] 08-23-2013, 08:54 AM

We are all aware that developers alpha and beta test hardware and software (including games). Developers always require testers to agree to confidentiality obligations (whether by agreeing to an separate NDA or as part of a larger license agreement).

OTG’s policy is simple: please do not post or link any information relating to any unreleased game, hardware, or other project (including the fact that you are testing it) unless it is public knowledge that the game, hardware, or other project is no longer subject to any confidentiality obligations.

Any post that violates this policy will be removed immediately.

OTG expects you to err on the side of discretion and to honor both the letter and the spirit of those confidentiality obligations, even if you are not a tester who has agreed to those obligations. If you have a whiff of a hint of a shadow of doubt about what you would like to post, simply PM and ask any Game Development officer.

Violations of this policy will result in warnings and/or temporary bans from the forums. Repeated violations may result in a permanent ban.