NDAs and You: Using Discord During Testing

Hello everyone,

Good news! We now have a private Discord channel that testers can use to discuss Pantheon while the NDA is in place. For now, it will be limited to Pre-Alpha testers. If there’s still a full NDA in place when they move to Alpha, we’ll expand it.

So… If you are a pre-alpha backer and would like access to the private channel:

  • Send me a message on Visionary Realms’ tester forum. If your OTG forum name is different than your VR test forum name, please include your OTG name.

  • I will send your name to the admins, who will add you to the Discord channel.

  • I will also send you a note confirming that I’ve sent your name to the admins. I’ve enabled email notifications to ensure I am alerted, but if you don’t heard from me within 48 hours, please let me know.

This seems like the most foolproof way to ensure that we honor the NDA and only discuss testing with testers involved at this stage.

When you’re set up, you’ll see the following two items under Game Development in Discord:

  • A text chat sub-channel named “nda”

  • A voice chat sub-channeled named “NDA”

If you have any questions, just let me know.



One step closer to this game becoming a reality for all. I’m hoping they get to the Alpha phase in the next few months, so I can get into the action.

Also waiting for the magical Alpha phase to start

We’ve had some more folks coming into the NDA channel. Welcome Pantheon Alpha players!

Please remember, if you are not a part of the OTG Discord, you’ll need to start there first. We can’t clicky for NDA access if you’re not on the list of OTG members there! If you need help with getting started, you can read up here: https://forums.oldtimersguild.com/t/otg-discord-invite-link/220

It has the link to get connected and a little blurb about what to do/expect once you’re there to get hooked up. THEN we can get the seekrit stuff processed (we can do the NDA channel stuff while you’re offline even!). :speaking_head:

I hope you guys are collecting information to share with the rest of us when the NDA is lifted!

Updated the original post to include the details on the channels you should see in Discord once you’re all set up.