Need more discord channels

Yesterday evening was doing a run with 3 guild members, myself included, but all the available channels for grouping up were taken. With as many people was we currently have playing this game, more individual channels are needed since we can’t create our own like we could in Mumble.

There happen to have been a few more added about an hour ago! What timing you have!! Mind readers we have here… :brain:

I put the request in 3 days ago. We got our new channels this morning. :slight_smile: It does take time to do these things. LOL

Haha. No it doesn’t :slight_smile: It’s all the paperwork that takes time! (And of course, the availability of a Discord admin. Hehe.)

And keeping in mind - we are not the only chapter. I do believe there are a few more games in OTG. Shocking, I know. LOL

There are!? When did this happen! :scream:

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I’m actually somewhat of the opposite opinion for the ‘not in a group’ channels.

I was against merging Alliance and Horde back during Legion… but this time around - I notice there is are 4+ “ungrouped” channels for text and 3 for voice…

I see:

  • I feel these should all be merged into just one channel. I really don’t even see the need for the ‘not PG’ channel that is Barrens… just one channel, with normal enough rules that normal conversation can occur - to keep fragmentation to a minimum.

For voice I see:
Booty Bay


I think Horde, Alliance, Booty Bay should just be one single voice channel. Again, unless we have members with an uncontrollable racial/sexist-commentary habit… is “Booty Bay” really needed? Anything other than blurting out insults and harassment… doesn’t really need that segmentation. It really is possible to have normal conversations without blurting out something harassing against someone else for anyone without Tuourette’s Syndrome…

  • Having those 3 just segments people away from each other. And the resulting effect at present appears to be that everyone is hanging out in Booty Bay when not sequestered into a private channel… to avoid being segmented out… leaving the Horde and Alliance voice chapters to be largely pointless.

I also notice a frequent habit of people to all run en-mass to some private channel. If whatever guildie is in the regular channel that all the other members desire to avoid… maybe just boot that person out of the guild…

As for the dungeons and raids… There is no need for more unless it occurs that ALL of them are in use at the same time…

(and if we didn’t have 3 general channels… we would likely have had 2 more group channels, thus addressing the concern in the original post).

I somewhat agree on your arguments for the voice channels, however completely disagree with your arguments on the text channels.

The way Discord is set up, there is no ‘fragmentation’ in text channels, since you can be in all of them, and if you do a catch up on your channels, you will get a notification whenever someone says something in any of your channels.

Lobby for general WoW chitchat, Barrens for off topic stuff, and the Horde/Alliance split because it helps with the “Is this for Horde or Alliance” questions that inevitably pop up.

The dungeons/raids/groups channels are absolutely necessary, if you’re running multiple dungeons/raids/groups. You really don’t want the tank switch talk from one raid in the channel of another raid.

And from what I’ve understood about the Booty Bay channel (and all NSFW channels in the history of the guild), is that even in a guild with ‘no drama’, there are always people getting offended by all sorts of shit, and that channel makes sure they have no reason to complain.

NSFW does not mean the OTG Code of Conduct does not apply.

Obviously. Not sure what that has to do with my comment, though :slight_smile:


More options for communications is always better than fewer.

AND these are not “Private” channels. Anyone can drop in and out.

Discord is a wonderful tool for us to use to coordinate, laugh, cry and have a good time. But we can’t just make channels when we need them. The availability of them is important

Please feel free to join any channel. If another channel is full of people its most likely where everyone landed after a group and grew organically from there.

Too many slices splits the pie too thin and we end up factionalized and not communicating as a guild.

An addition:

WoW now has voice built in using the server tech of Overwatch, but you have to click the little headphone icon to join voice for tour group, not automatic.

It works on all forms of groups, including guild.

So… given that tech, there is no need for ANY guild/group/raid voice channels anymore. Could really just have one single WoW voice channel in order to better facilitate community - across guilds.

Still completely disagree with your assessment, but you are entitled to it. Carry on. . and hope to see you in Discord some day.

I’ve actually been sitting there in discord as you went on a rant against me just a minute ago.

I’ve said my opinion on the topic and my reasoning for it. So I’m done with it now.

Thank you for your opinion, however, I will not be making any more changes at this time.

Yes, we do need those channels. We have 2 lobbies for the reasons that have been explained above. The NSFW is CYA and we leave the main lobby for those who do not wish to participate in some of the conversations that happen in the Booty Bay channel.

The Group channels are for those running their own content that may or may not be a dungeon. This lets them go somewhere they will not dominate a channel with their necessary chat. It also gives officers a place to drag folks for invites when a channel is super busy.

The Raid, Dungeon, and PVP channels are self-explanatory. While not all channels are used all the time, I have seen every channel with someone in it since I added the new channels last week, with the exception of the raid channels in the evenings. I added these new channels due to the numerous requests I received from other players.

FYI - I have not heard anyone else say there are too many channels. So I’m sticking with my previous decision.

Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts.

FYI - the in-game chat is nice but it is tied to B-net accounts and only allows one channel per account. My hubbi and I share a B-net account and we can’t both be in the in-game chat at the same time. It sucks but we started on the same B-net account when they were first created waaaayy back when and it’s never been an issue until now.