Need recomendations for Good tank build

Looking to up my game in a big way. My tank is almost lvl 50 and I’d like to get some feedback on how best to suit it up and what enchantments will be the best.

What game are you playing?

in off topic section? Sorry you should not build a tank, you will get visited by the government!!

Guess I wasn’t specific enough, I am asking about tank builds in ESO. Any help and suggestions are greatly appreciated !

I’m a big fan of Alcast - and Deltia -
Both have a good selection of builds

While Alcast and Deltia are great, Woeler is the go to for all things tank.

I am running this beginner tank build on my Argonian DK. Results are stunning. Woeler also offers up four more tank builds. I would start here IMO.

I can craft all of the craftables for this build should you need assistance. You can find me in game under handle @Damondo.