Need UHD player help

I have purchased a 4k TV and UHD movie player. However, all my 4k movies are darker than I think they should be. If I switch inputs from the movie back to my regular TV signal and then back to the 4k movie, the brightness is where it should be but then invariably it goes dark again. It also starts dark from the beginning of any movie. I have tried fiddling with settings but I can’t figure it out. Does anyone know what my problem is and how to fix it?

The newest HDMI cables are directional. Make sure you have them installed correctly, easy mistake, since they did not used to be directional.

Outside that general info, you might want to provide brand/model, etc also. AVS forums has had listings for various models and specific settings suggested.

When you say directional, do you mean to try switching which end goes into each device?

My TV is a Samsung Q6F. My UHD Bluray player is a Samsung UBD-M8500

HDMI cable spec 1.4a or higher the ends are labeled. It should be printed on the cable, one end goes towards the TV. I have managed to put them in backwards previously and had problems, why I know this can be an issue. heh.

Thanks. I’ll check to see if that’s the problem.

Outside of that, I see a thread on your TV, looks like others have issues with adjustments also…

Thanks for that link, I was having trouble finding things on the forum. I don’t think the cables are the issue as there was nothing marked on them.

Well, I called Samsung and they fixed the problem in about 10 seconds. I should have just called them first! I spent about aweek trying to figure out for myself what was wrong.

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So what was the fix? Curious minds want to know… :grinning:

It had to do with the ambient lighting and motion lighting on the TV settings. While I changed those settings on the regular TV signal input, I had not thought to change them on the input with the UHD player because I assumed the changes were uniform across all inputs. I was wrong :blush:

Wow! I wouldn’t have thought of that.

Thanks for the info Jares. Nice that Samsung customer service came through for you.