Neph's Islands, Crafting, Fighting



First Account: [Islands off Fort Sterling]
MrBunny (Main), Shalandar, Whitnoc

Second Account (the wives): [Islands off Caerleon – Similar but no Labourers]
MrsBunny, Marlie, Nimbathel

Island access is set to Guild (Member+).

Once there, you have access to the following:
(For the crafting stations, I would ask that they not get too depleted on food.)

Whitnoc’s Island: // Nimbathel
Warrior Forge T8
Workbench [Whitnoc]
Labourers: Blacksmith T8; Prospector T8; Cropper T8
Storage Shed (House T5): 14 chests for guild use [Whitnoc]
Herb Garden, 2 Farms, Pasture, Kennel (Honour System Usage: Do not take what someone else has planted.)

Shalandar’s Island: // Marlie
Hunter Lodge T8
Repair Station T8 [Shalandar]
Labourers: Fletcher T8; Gamekeeper T8; Lumberjack T8; Fisherman T8; 2 Mercenaries T8
In the Mercenary House, 1 chest is set to Guild and the other is Public. [Shalandar]
Pasture, 3 Farms, Herb Garden

MrBunny’s Island: // MrsBunny
Labourers: Stonecutter T8; Imbuer T8; Tinker T8
Mage Tower T8
Alchemist Lab T8; Cook T8
Mill; Butcher T8; Saddler T8
Toolmaker T8
Stonemason T8; Smelter T8; Tanner T8; Lumbermill T8; Weaver T8
Egg-shaped Chest is set to Guild.
(Farms private)




T6 fish
T4 cloth, leather, ore, stone, wood

T8 Crops, Herbs, Animals

T8 Stone
T6 cloth, leather, ore, wood

T8 Chef, Alchemist
Holy Staves, Tomes, Cloth Armor (Chest) Cowls & Sandals, Capes, Bags, Demolition Hammers

T7 Nature Staves, Bows [Shalandar]

T6 [everything]
(Tools) sickle, skinning knife, pickaxe, axe, stone hammer, fishing gear,
(Mage Tower) Frost Staff, Arcane Staff, Fire Staff, Cursed Staff;

[Shalandar:] (Hunter’s Lodge) Leather Hood/Jacket/Shoes, Quarterstaves, Spear, Dagger, Torch;

[Whitnoc:] (Warrior’s Forge) Plate Helmet/Armor/Boots, Shield, Hammer, Mace, Broadsword, Battleaxe, Crossbow

T8 Cloth armor, Holy staves, Tomes
T7 Nature staves
T6 Frost staves, Fire staves
T4 everything else


Crafting Station favourite foods: (ingredients are for 10)

Repair Station – Goat Stew (8 Raw Goat, 4 Turnip, 4 Bread)

Workbench – Mutton Stew (12 Potato, 12 Bread, 24 Mutton)
Warrior’s Forge – Mutton Stew
Hunter’s Lodge – Potato Salad – (72 Potato, 72 Cabbage)
Mage Tower – Mutton Sandwich (12 Bread, 24 Mutton, 6 Sheep Butter)

Cook – Goose Pie (6 Cabbage, 12 Flour, 24 Raw Goose, 6 Goat Milk)
Alchemist – Pork Omelette (36 Corn, 72 Raw Pork, 18 Goose Egg)

Toolmaker – Turnip Salad (24 Wheat, 24 Turnip)
Saddler – Goat Stew (8 Raw Goat, 4 Turnip, 4 Bread)

Stonemason – Bean Salad (8 Carrot, 8 Bean)
Smelter – Wheat Soup (48 Wheat)
Tanner – Chicken Pie (8 Raw Chicken, 2 Wheat, 4 Flour)
Lumbermill – Carrot Soup (16 Carrot)
Weaver – Chicken Omelette (2 Chicken Egg, 8 Raw Chicken, 4 Wheat)

Mill – Goose Omelette (12 Cabbage, 24 Raw Goose, 6 Goose Egg)
Butcher – Cabbage Soup (144 Cabbage)



Thanks for the info and the access, Neph!

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