New Cluster up

New experiment from my side, currently 3 maps clustered together with all exactly the same mod layout.

You can transfer your character with inventory to another server in the cluster (which for the Shattered map is almost a necessity), and the Ark Altar mod helps with that by creating a placeable transfer point.

Generic info:
Cluster mod list:

Or just look for “Splutty’s xxxxxx 300”, where the xxxx is the map.

Dino max level is 300 normal, 450 from rare sightings. Rare Alphas are on.

Rex Island has a lot of resources, Shattered has no daylight, Hope is an easy starting map.

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What are your server settings?

Eeeek! I might have to join in! Just need to find some time away from BDO to sneak in there

2x XP, 4x harvest, 5x taming/breeding/hatching/maturing.

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Hello all, Just checking in on the new forums. :grinning:

It’s aliiiiiive!