New forums look great!

Thanks for all of the work involved in moving over to this, great change!


Yeah I am really liking the new forums. They also work great on a cell phone. Very smooth and I like the dark theme. Thank you to all the admins. Nice work

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Yeah, they do work great on a phone. Now I can check the forums through out the day.

Navigation is so much better with the hamburger icon and phone compatibility too! Thanks for making the forums convenient and easy to use.

I love how I can just get the ‘Unread’ and ‘New’ posts in one click, basically. I hope this improves the participation of people in the forums. And at least I don’t have to keep 7 tabs open and check them periodically anymore!

I agree, the new forums look GREAT!! :clap: It’s my first day on them so just getting used to everything right now :+1:

Yes, wonderful job! Thank you very much! The more I use discourse the more I like it.:clap:

Yes looks good and runs for me personally so much better. Old forums are so slow and sometimes I get 404 page not found and have to refresh.

Glad they are moved now!